What are FastBraces?

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t genetically predisposed to having perfectly aligned teeth. Most individuals will need to undergo orthodontic treatment, like braces in Colchester, for example, to achieve straight pearly whites during their lifetime.

Although braces see widespread use, some are hesitant about using them because of lengthy treatments involved or the pain and discomfort sometimes caused by traditional appliances.

At Hello Dental, we’ve introduced revolutionary orthodontics systems that halve treatment time while providing you with a comfortable appliance to wear. Grounded in a quarter of a century of research, FastBraces uses advanced technologies to produce desirable effects in between 3 and 12 months!

What is the core difference between traditional braces and Fastbraces?

Teeth are straightened in a two-step process with traditional braces. First, the tops of pearly whites are moved into position, followed by the roots of each crown. This process shifts teeth slowly into place, which explains why the treatment is long.

Fastbraces merges these stages into one by realigning entire teeth at once to significantly reduce the duration of treatment.

Smaller triangular brackets are used instead of the regular square ones to achieve this one-step process, which is attached to square wires that reach the root of each tooth.

What orthodontic issues can be treated using Fastbraces in Colchester?

A wide range of bite irregularities can be corrected with Fastbraces, including crossbites and underbites, as well as spaces, gaps and overcrowding.

We’ll assess the anatomy of your teeth and determine whether you’re a viable candidate for treatment. The goal is to provide you with an alluring smile, focussing more on the front teeth than the rest of your mouth. If you have malocclusions at the back of your mouth, a traditional appliance might be a better fit for your unique issue.

What are the benefits of Fastbraces in Colchester?

With Fastbraces, you can achieve straighter teeth, faster. You’ll have the confidence to smile widely with correctly aligned pearly whites.

Since the brackets used boast a small and slick design that requires less wire, the device isn’t nearly as clunky as traditional braces. Additionally, you’re less likely to suffer from mouth sores and ulcers caused by metal rubbing against skin, resulting in a dramatic reduction of pain.

With treatment time reduced, there are fewer orthodontic appointments, an experience that can sometimes be unpleasant.

What other straightening methods are recommended?

Fastbraces aren’t for everyone. Although the fixed metal appliance might be sleeker and more subtle than archetypal braces, they’re still visible to strangers.

Our Clear Correct treatment corrects your malocclusions and bite issues invisibly using multiple sets of clear aligners. Every two weeks, we’ll provide you with a new pair, which works to move your teeth incrementally into the correct position.

Clear Correct aligners are beneficial not just for their subtle appearance but for the fact that they’re removable.

Being able to detach them to eat or brush your teeth is convenient because you won’t have to make changes to your diet or teeth-cleaning regime during treatment. Tuck into steaks and apples without impacting your device and brush your teeth normally without putting your oral health at risk!