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About Hello Dental – Gentle, Cosmetic General and Emergency Dentist Colchester

At Hello Dental we are about patient centered dentistry that not only aims to offer a high level of convenience but also an outstanding level of care.

We marry high tech laser dentistry with good old fashioned kindness, empathy and personalised service to ensure you have a happy positive dental experience. We also provide a Emergency Dentist colchester based service for patients in immediate pain or discomfort. For anyone looking for braces in Colchester, book in for a consultation with our friendly team.

So if you are looking for a dental practice that:

I would totally recommend Neel and his team for stress free dentistry. I just had my Fast Braces removed and I’m super happy with the results! The whole family use the practice now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

M Edwards

Thank you so much for giving us the confidence to smile all day long on our wedding day. It was the best day of our lives and we are really happy with our photos and that’s partly due to all of your help and support with fixing our teeth! Thank You.

D & C Barrett

I came in a nervous wreck but the time spent with Neel was a good experience. Neel is very patient, gentle and understanding. Everyone is very helpful and friendly, I will definitely be coming back for my treatment.

L Bowen

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave the whole team make sure your experience counts and is always positive. What a difference it makes having a dental team who talk to you and not ‘at you’. Their passion about what they do is evident in the care you receive.

S Inglis

Excellent dentist and staff. Painless treatment. Lucky to have found this practice.

M. Nair

I have hated going to the dentist for the last 70 years, but now I don’t mind, for the first time. It is a pleasure to come here. 06.02.14

J Norager

I think I must have hated my adult teeth as soon as they came through. My friends used to tease me as they had nice teeth and mine had come through darker with the canines very yellow which didn’t do much for my smile! Also, crossed over front teeth seemed to run in my family and as I got older mine started going the same way. It didn’t do a lot for my confidence and I didn’t like showing my teeth in photographs and would sometimes put a hand in front of my mouth when smiling or laughing. Another problem I had was very thin pitted enamel on my front teeth which led to sensitivity with hot/cold/sweet things. So after talking to Neel about the possibility of having my teeth straightened and whitened and discussing various methods such as braces, veneers, chemical whitening etc. I decided to have veneers. For me it was the best (and fastest!) method of addressing all of the problems I had with my teeth. Neel suggested Lumineers as they are extremely strong and very thin so it would involve less filing of my teeth which sounded good to me. After the procedure was complete I was absolutely amazed with the results as they looked so natural, they even felt right in my mouth as my bite was the same and felt so smooth. I think I was expecting them to feel more prominent and bulky but they didn’t. Also I had chosen one of the palest natural tooth colours rather than “Hollywood White” as I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I’d had them done and have people ask me if they were veneers.

Since having the veneers fitted I’ve been absolutely delighted with them. My teeth are now straight and white with the canines only a shade darker as they should be rather than four shades as they had been before. I don’t suffer with sensitivity anymore either ad the pitted enamel is now covered. I think I must be smiling more as I have received several compliments about my smile from people I see on the school run which has done wonders for my confidence. Nobody has asked me if I’ve had veneers so they must look natural to others – the only people that know are the people I have told! I would definitely recommend Veneers to anyone thinking of having their teeth straightened, I wish I’d done it years ago!

S Thompson

As someone who has an extreme fear of the dentist I would thoroughly recommend Neel and all the team at Dentist Direct. From the start whilst in the waiting room there are no smells or sounds which normally add to anxiety. Then I was treated with great care and sympathy in an unrushed, completely pain free treatment with Neel. The treatment I received was the most comfortable I have ever experienced at the Dentist. Sept 2014

L. Froggitt

Thoroughly recommend Neel. Followed him from his previous practice and would have travelled many miles to continue treatment from him.

W. Beazley

I have had a fantastic experience with over the past year. From the receptionist, Dental Nurses to Neel himself. They all make a nervous patient feel very at ease. I will never go back to the NHS. Thank you very much. 08.03.14


Definitely one of my better dental visits! Thank you!


I had not seen a dentist for 20 years Neel put me at ease and talked me through everything he was going to do and did it all at my pace which made me more comfortable to come back for all treatment required. Great team throughout.


I came to Hello Dental because I was very nervous and had lots of work that needed to be done. Throughout my root canal treatment my dentist has been very gentle and patient. I would highly recommend Hello Dental to anyone who is scared of the dentist. 04.02.15

A. S.

Best Hygienist session ever – very thorough. My mouth now feels much fresher. I am very grateful for this. Once again the Hygienist was a very good listener.

It’s all now much clearer about steps that I must take to ensure that my teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Neel listened very closely to what I said. 18.03.14

B. McGonagle

Most efficient treatment, everything was made clear and done to best efforts. Nice staff and dentist, hardly feels like a chore coming in. I got my smile back to normal! 20.10.14


Excellent service and treatment – very happy and highly recommend, all staff lovely and friendly.

L. Culley

I was a nervous patient and didn’t like dentist at all, Such brilliant staff and Neel absolutely looked after me and my nerves. I enjoy the dentist now.

L. Morrison

Thank you for checking my teeth. I can’t wait for my next appointment.


I had a filling, I enjoyed it. It tickled a lot, I loved it. Thank you.

C Donovan

Today I have had both fillings and root canal prep, and as I am a particularly anxious patient, I was very appreciative about the treatment. Neel suggested the use of a rubber dam may help. Wow, so much more comfortable! So I was much calmer, I nearly dozed off! Cannot recommend enough.

K Surtees

I had a root canal treatment, I was really anxious about it but it was completely pain free and Neel was very reassuring throughout. They are brilliant, caring dentists.

V. Sinclair

The consultation was not rushed- very informative with all treatment options fully explained together with estimated costs. I was shown videos to explain procedures. Neel is very gentle and has a calming effect.

C Edwards

Brilliant dentist, good work, no pain. Will come back


I never visited the dentist for 12 years- scared does not describe my fears.

I have sadly lost up to 80% of my bone due to severe gum disease. Over the last two years I have had 4 extractions, root canal treatment and laser cleaning (up to 10mm below the gum). I have not felt a thing, and Neel has saved my teeth. ( my wife is very pleased and kisses me more)

R Nardone

Thoroughly recommend Neel. I followed him from his previous practice and would have travelled many miles to continue treatment from him.

W. Beazley

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave the whole team make sure your experience is always positive. What a difference it makes having a dental team who talk to you and not ‘at’ you. The passion about what they do is evident in the care they give.

S Inglis

Came in a nervous wreck but the time I spent with Neel was a good experience. Very patient, gentle and understanding. Everyone was helpful, friendly and will definitely be coming back for my treatment.

L Bowen

Have had a fantastic experience over the past year. From the receptionist, dental nurses and Neel himself. They all make nervous patients feel very at ease. Will never go back to the NHS. Thank you very much


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