Taking care of your denture

Here at Hello Dental, Colchester we have many patients who wear a denture. We often get asked how best to look after them. It is important to regularly visit your dentist if you are a denture wearer, even if you have none of your own teeth, your dentist will check the fit of the denture and examine your soft tissues for any abnormalities. Dentures can be fragile so its always best to take care when removing them. If you have a full denture you should gently brush your gums with a soft toothbrush and water and if you have a partial denture you should clean the remaining teeth with your usual toothbrush and toothpaste. When it comes to brushing your denture, you should use a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft nylon denture brush to remove any remaining residue. Dissolve a suitable cleanser in a glass of water and soak your denture. Uses a cleanser can remove stain, kills bacteria and keeps them clean. Before placing your denture back in your mouth, be sure to rinse with water first. Some patients choose to use a denture adhesive to ensure their denture doesn’t move whilst eating or speaking. The benefits of an adhesive include the increased hold of your dentures, provides a seal to prevent food packing underneath and enable the wearer to feel confident in social situations. One of the questions we often get asked is how do I remove denture adhesive from my palate? The simple answer is with a toothbrush, gentle massage the palate with a wet toothbrush to remove the adhesive. If you find it is still present, you can use a mouthwash to try and dislodge the adhesive further.