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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Teeth being straight is all part of the process of making a smile more aesthetically pleasing, and like many medical problems, catching crooked teeth early can make a huge difference. At Hello Dental we pride ourselves in providing a fantastic service for braces in Colchester. Call us for a free consultation as to whether braces are necessary for you or for someone you know.

Our Practice

Our practice has a variety of different treatments at your disposal, from general dentistry, to facial rejuvenation and medical hypnosis. The aim of our practice is to combat the fear of the dentist and dispel the belief that the dentist is a negative place. We want our practice to be a calm and safe place to be, and want to approach all patients in a warm, friendly manner.

Dental Anxiety

We understand that many people have an extreme anxiety towards the dentist, whether it be down to needle phobia, an extreme gag reflex, or poor treatment in the past. This is why we have programmes in place, to make sure we effectively deal with anxious patients, such as using lasers instead to remove the need for some standard dental tools. If you have any anxieties about our braces and are looking to find the best and easiest solution for braces in Colchester, then look no further than our website, where you can book a free online consultation.

Varieties of Treatment

There are a multitude of different brace styles to choose from, at Hello Dental, we pride ourselves in using advanced technologies to provide simple solutions. In terms of braces in Colchester, we provide a fantastic variety of orthodontic treatment, including Fastbraces, which provide a quick solution to crooked teeth, and ClearCorrect, which provide an invisible solution to crooked teeth, so nobody will be able to tell you are undergoing treatment. Ideal for those who might be self-conscious about dental treatment.

Benefits of Braces

Teeth that are not straight can carry a litany of problems with them, including tooth erosion and sensitive teeth, due to the jaw not being aligned correctly. Aside from the medical factor, braces can be greatly beneficial to one’s self esteem. A straight smile can lift the appearance of the entire face and provide a more positive outlook, which can also greatly improve your confidence to speak to new people. Within 3-12 months, our dental treatment will provide an improvement on the appearance of your teeth, and relieve any symptoms associated with poor tooth alignment.

Hello Dental

At Hello Dental, we aim to provide the ideal service, an equilibrium between fast and effective service, and a warm understanding approach to our dental care. Make sure to research on our website exactly what it is you are looking for, so that you may find and learn about the treatment that is best for you. Or come and find us directly, and take a look at our modern, spa-like interior, that reflects our ethos of utilising eco-friendly and biologically friendly treatments and materials to achieve our goal.