Orthodontic treatment and Braces in Colchester

Here at Hello Dental, along with bringing our trademark high-quality dentistry to patients, we are now providing braces in Colchester. Specifically, the Fastbraces and Smilelign systems along with our pioneering laser dentistry. Helping us to correct miss-alignments of otherwise healthy teeth and giving patients the well-meshing teeth they deserve, improving the function of the bite, and aesthetics of their smile.

Orthodontic treatment has always been a major aspect of dental services, with an estimated 1 in 3 adolescents needing some form of orthodontic treatment. Over the last 5-10 years, we have been seeing more adults and working professionals looking into their orthodontic options.

We are thrilled to see patients regardless of age approaching this area, regardless of whichever obstacles prevented them from seeking orthodontic care earlier in life. The demand of adult patients is quite different from that of teen's, who would tolerate an awkward brace to achieve their orthodontic goals but working adults expect a more practical and subtle solution which will not get in the way of there lifestyle.

Whether you've had any experiences with orthodontics or not, we are here to guide you through the process and get you the treatment you deserve.

Common adult orthodontic treatments

Every patent is different and there is rarely an 'off the peg' solution in dentistry. But here, we can talk through some of our most common procedures.

FastBraces system

For adults with complicated orthodontic needs, sometimes the only option is a brace. Unfortunately, complex cases are not uncommon in adults who have had their treatment delayed. But for many, wearing, a brace for several years simply isn't worth the time or they cannot commit to it. Braces in Colchester (FastBraces system) address this by having an accelerated treatment schedule. Moving teeth rapidly under the guidance of our orthodontist, progress can be seen in a few weeks but the total length of the treatment will depend on your personal situation.

Smilelign invisible brace

Smilelign braces in Colchester are a very different solution. Their treatment cycle is longer than a standard brace and much longer than a FastBraces system but they are a lot more subtle.

Despite being referred to as an invisible brace, it is technically a clear aligner, similar to a gum shield but close-fitting and translucent. It can be removed at a moments notice.

To be effective, you need to wear them day and night, only taking breaks to eat but they often go unnoticed and will only affect your speech patterns in the first few weeks of wear.

Smilelign is only suitable for minor corrections involving the front teeth and not suitable for moving molars. The fitting is performed in our clinic using an intra-oral scanner and is very non-invasive.

The treatment will consist of a set of aligners, the exact number will depend on the severity of your individual case. You will be required to wear each brace for about 2 weeks, as they gradually reposition and straighten your teeth using a succession of aligners to get to there final positions.