Looking for a friendly provider of braces in Colchester?

Fearless dentistry

Here at Hello Dental, we are firmly committed to doing all we can to aid those who may be a little anxious of the dentist or dental procedures. We understand that a trip to the dentist can be the cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety for many, and as such we do our utmost to ensure that all patients, from young to old, are treated with the highest possible degree of kindness, empathy and respect. Prior to undertaking any treatment from us at the practice, patients must first feel at ease and ready to begin the process, nothing will commence until they feel they are ready. Anyone who is seeking braces in Colchester, need look no further than our trained, friendly and approachable staff here at Hello Dental to guide them through each stage of their dental journey.

A dentist with a smile

Hello Dental are not your typical dentists. Rather than simply opting for the cold, clinical one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which is all too common in numerous practices across the country, at Hello Dental, we understand that each patient is unique and as such, we cater our services accordingly. By connecting with our patients on a personal level, through empathy and kindness, we’ve found that a far more mutually advantageous dental relationship can flourish. Receiving braces in Colchester at any age can be a trying and stressful undertaking. As such our professional staff are on hand to guide patients through each stage of the process. We can highlight why certain procedures would be best suited to a patient’s particular needs, and also what they can expect the results of treatment to be. We’ve found that by adopting a more personal touch to dentistry, our patients feel far more involved with each stage in the process, and thus are less afraid and more aware of the procedures they are undertaking.

Getting things in line

At our practice among the range of braces we have available, we provide two distinctly different forms of braces in Colchester, Fastbraces, and ClearCorrect. Both methods are equally effective in their results, but the method employed is subject to the needs and requirements of the individual patient, and which type they feel best fits them. Fastbraces are a revolutionary new method of orthodontics, which appear similar to conventional fused metal braces, only they can yield quality results in as little as 3 to12 months. This is done by employing the use of the most cutting edge dental technologies, so patients needn't worry about sacrificing effectiveness for the sake of speed. ClearCorrect braces are a form of discreet orthodontics, which negates the need for fused braces, by replacing them with a custom made, plastic retainer. When worn over the course of treatment, the retainers gradually push the patient’s teeth into their correct specifications. One of the major benefits of the ClearCorrect system, is that the retainer is practically invisible when worn, which affords its users the ability to undertake essential dental realignment discreetly, without attracting any unwanted attention or scrutiny.