Teeth Whitening

Rejuvenate your smile with safe and effective teeth whitening at Hello Dental

Professional Teeth whitening at Hello Dental Colchester is hands down the safest, quickest and most cost-effective way to make a big improvement to your smile. Many people have naturally stained teeth or eating stained food and drink have caused them to discolour gradually over the years.

Our protocol means we are even able to manage many difficult cases, some who have tried teeth whitening with poor results in the past. At our free consultation we are honest and upfront about how white your teeth will go, and we do not make nonsense claims like “20 shades whiter”.

Teeth Whitening

We use the premium quality Boutique Whitening Gel which delivers superior results for our patients

Before And After

Using our bespoke whitening system, you can whiten your smile to fit in with your lifestyle. Custom made whitening trays with Boutique whitening gel whiten your smile with only 1 hours wear time per day- most of our patients notice an improvement in just a few days!

our aim is to not only whiten teeth but use the best teeth whitening gels to improve the ability of the teeth to withstand decay and wear.

The cost of Boutique teeth whitening at Hello Dental Colchester is just £295.00

This is excellent value and a great investment for a whiter smile with outstanding after care advice as needed included in the price.

Get ready to smile more and get a confidence boost….
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As teeth whitening has become more popular worldwide it has attracted many scams and fake products.

Our mouths are full of bacteria and stringent hygiene standards and regulation by the Care Quality Commission and the General Dental Council have to be adhered to by providers of teeth whitening not only in Colchester but across the UK

In recent months the healthcare regulator GDC have prosecuted beauty salons and “teeth whitening” companies that do whitening outside a dental practice environment (see here). There are very good reasons for this, as these premises will often not have the equipment to properly disinfect and sterilise after each client. Under EU law the person prescribing the whitening must be a dentist to properly assess and prevent any potential problems. Read more about safe tooth whitening here.

A change of gloves and using disposable items is not enough to prevent spreading other people’s bacteria, viruses and disease into your mouth!

The second issue is that many of gels sold online are branded and appear to be from big brand teeth whitening companies. Many are in essence fakes made in non-sterile conditions many from China. Much like fake perfumes and handbags the trade is booming, and the fakes are good enough that it is difficult to tell the gel apart from the real thing. Even dentists who try to source these cheap gels from budget suppliers have been caught out. We only source directly from manufacturers.

The internet is full of these fakes sold at a third of the price of genuine gels. In the best-case scenario, the gels will do nothing. Worst case scenario they will appear to whiten your teeth by gradually dissolving and damaging the enamel and burning your gums. It is difficult to see the damage done in the first few years by these gels even for a dentist. It takes several years for the damage to become evident. Unfortunately, once the damage is done its irreversible and can require extensive repair to prevent teeth breaking and chipping.

Repairing even minor damage could cost many hundreds of pounds and its simply false economy.

We all love a bargain but please do not gamble with the health of your teeth!