11 reasons to choose hello dental Colchester Dentist

  1. A kind, caring and empathetic approach centred around listening to your needs.

We know most people do not like the dentist, we listen to your concerns and needs and try to tailor your treatment to help you achieve the best dental health possible, in the most comfortable way possible. That’s why we are the Colchester Dentist of choice for those who do not like the dentist. See what our patients say about our approach.

2. A relaxing and modern spa-like environment designed around your comfort

Our purpose designed practice started with a blank canvas and a brief to combine an ultra comfortable patient space with a clinical environment that meets the most stringent hygiene standardsSee inside our practice.

3. Convenient appointment times at lunchtime, in the evenings and Saturdays and free ample car parking.

Life is busy enough, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to keep their mouths healthy, so we always provide appointments outside the usual 9 to 5. So if you are looking fro a Colchester Dentist who will fit around your busy lifestyle try us.

4. Advanced Waterlase laser technology for fillings and gum treatments

Modern dental lasers simply mean more comfort, more accuracy, faster healing, less damage to healthy tissues, and less infections. We are the the only Colchester Dentist in  fact the only general dentists in Essex and Suffolk to use lasers routinely in most of the work we do. Find out more here.

5. Biologically friendly cosmetic dentistry

We do not believe in cutting down healthy teeth to stumps to gain a beautiful smile. The results of this aggressive approach always leave a legacy of future problems.

We take a minimally invasive approach that may not always give the quick fix that some people are looking for, but in the long run give a much more beautiful and functional smile that actually lasts. Click here for more

6. Consultative and partnership based approach to health care.

We don’t believe the “we say – you do” approach of traditional health care works. The best health is only achievable when a partnership is forged between us and you, we see our role as advisors and coaches. Our challenge is finding ways for you to incorporate healthy habits into your busy daily routine.

7. Passionate about health.

For us great dental health is not just about a nice smile and fresh breath. Research has shown that a healthy mouth has a beneficial effect on your general health. Poor dental health is now thought to play a role in the development of other diseases such as heart disease, strokes and alzhiemers. As a Colchester Dentist with a holistic approach to health care we will often offer advice on more then just teeth.

8. Minimally invasive dentistry.

We believe in preserving as much of what nature has given us. We know where damage is caused by decay or gum disease working with the body’s own healing ability delivers better long term results. That’s why we not only use more accurate and targeted equipment like lasers, but we use new bio-materials that are designed to mimic and enahnce the bodies own structures and healing abilities. We work under high magnification which means we are the Colchester Dentist of choice for highly accurate biologically friendly dentistry.

9. Innovative materials and techniques.

Our focus is to prevent dental disease and where it occurs to use the latest evidence based techniques and materials to ensure that any repairs and treatments last for the longest time possible. As a new Colchester dentist we know our reputation relies on doing work that lasts and so we take this aspect very seriously.

10. Mercury and metal free dentistry.

Old mercury fillings may hang around for a long time but they do damage teeth and cause cracks. New advanced materials not only look white like your teeth but also last just as well if not better than mercury fillings. Because newer materials are much more difficult to use and more expensive, the use of mercury fillings still persists. We are one of the few Colchester Dentist’s we do not use mercury based filling materials at all. Click here for more

11. A “full service” dental practice.

Our dentists have heavily invested in their dental education and skills to ensure that they are able to offer a wide range of solutions in house. Our team handles most things in house, from root canals to implants to orthodontics/brace treatments. When we refer out to specialists its usually for something quite complex, and then we only refer you to specialists we know produce exceptional work. So if you are looking for a Colchester Dentist where you can be treated in house as much as possible you will find it in us.