Quality Affordable Dentistry

Dentistry is a fantastic long term quality of life investment that changes the lives of many people enabling them to smile confidently, eat properly and live healthier happier lives.


At Hello Dental Colchester we passionately believe that investing your money in good quality dentistry is one of the best investments you can make.

Everyday we see how achieving great dental health has a massive impact on how healthy our patients feel and their confidence. The quality of life improvement that being able to eat, smile and be healthy is huge. However we also believe that people should not put themselves under undue financial stress to achieve this as its counter productive.  So this means once we have diagnosed what treatment needs doing we tailor a plan to achieve this by compromising on time rather then the quality of what we do.


We believe in open communication and clear discussion as to the best way to fund getting your mouth healthy.

Stabilising dental problems and “patching up” things to keep them going and prevent the situation deteriorating to the point that teeth need extracting. Then depending on budget, your priorities and clinical priorities we pick one or two things every few months or every year. Gradually over a 3-4 year period we get to a place where the mouth is stabilised and well restored with restorations that will last many years.

Being proactive about dealing with dental problems means treatment is much more affordable and more predictable. Unfortunately teeth will often not hurt until the damage is quite bad requiring a significant amount of work to put right, so always come in as soon as you are aware of a broken tooth or initial discomfort. It rarely gets better on its own!