You can still get braces in Colchester

Even if you missed out on braces as a child – maybe your misalignments weren’t severe enough to qualify you for NHS treatment – you can still get braces in Colchester as an adult. In fact, braces can work no matter what your age, so even if you have been living unhappily with your wonky teeth for decades, we can straighten them for you at Hello Dental.

Not just vanity

Many of us have a strange relationship with looking good. We want to look our best but at the same time have a sneaking suspicion that by spending money on our looks we will be accused of being vain. Vanity, back in the day, was a deadly sin, and that mean a trip to somewhere hot and firey after you die. But, in reality, looking good can do wonders for your confidence levels, and this is especially true when it comes to your smile.

Your smile plays an all-important role in your ability to communicate. It is the thing that everyone sees when they meet you for the first time, even before you say hello, and it can continue to engage people’s warmth and willingness to be a friend to you in a way that words can never do. So, if your misaligned teeth have got you smiling with closed lips, or hiding your smile behind your hand, then you are missing out on all that extra warmth and generosity that is a hard-wired response to a big, friendly, genuine smile.

Easier to clean

Teeth that are well aligned are also easier to keep clean, and this means that you are less likely to suffer from decay and gum disease with straight teeth. Having braces in Colchester can help you hang onto your teeth in the long-term, as long as you follow a good oral care routine.

Our braces in Colchester

We offer bracket and wire braces from Fastbraces. These work faster because they work on the root as well as the crown right from the beginning of treatment, using just one wire, which means they are more discreet than traditional bracket and wire braces.

We also offer clear aligners from ClearCorrect.