What are my options for braces in Colchester?

At Hello Dental we want the best for you, we want you to feel that you are walking away with a winning smile. We have a number of orthodontic treatments available including braces in Colchester. What are the results like with braces? How long will they take? Are there faster options available or ones that prove more discreet? Let’s take a look and answer these important questions.

What can braces do for you?

We all want straighter, more attractive teeth right? Well, this is our goal! We want you to have straighter, whiter teeth that promote a healthy mouth and gums. We want you to be able to eat without discomfort and avoid uneven wear or tender painful gums. We want it to be as easy as possible to clean and maintain your teeth and all of these benefits are available when choosing to have braces in Colchester.

Who is applicable for braces?

While the vast majority of people are perfectly fine to receive braces there are some conditions. You have to have a healthy mouth free of gum disease. If this is flagged up by your dentist then don’t worry at Hello Dental we are well experienced in guiding people to better oral health and will do everything we can to help you on your course to a better smile. Some pre-existing conditions may have an impact on your suitability but again these can all be discussed in depth at your consultation and should not be a reason to put you off getting in contact.

Can adults have braces too?

The age twelve to thirteen would be classed as the ideal age to receive treatment with braces. This is because the teeth and jaw are still growing and therefore are more suggestible to movement. However, this in itself does not limit the treatment to children of that age! In fact, as an adult, the benefits of choosing braces in Colchester may be even more obvious. The treatment may take a little longer or require a bit more attention but that’s what we’re here for as your dentist. If you want straighter teeth as an adult then we can still help.

How do braces straighten teeth?

Orthodontic treatments vary a fair amount but traditional braces work by fixing small anchor points to your teeth connected by a wire that can be adjusted and manipulated to gradually move your teeth into position over a period of time.

Clear, or invisible, aligners are an option which, again, manipulates your teeth in a gradual process to their desired position.

Is there a faster or more discrete option?

Fastbraces are an option provided by us at Hello Dental and they can have your smile straighter in just 3-12 months! With a lifetime guarantee on your straight teeth Fastbraces don’t compromise quality in the name of speed, it’s the best of both worlds.

Clear correct is also available with our practice and provides a fantastic alternative to traditional braces. These custom made aligners are removable and replaced in series to gradually move your teeth bit by bit into their straighter position. The biggest benefit aside from a straighter smile? They are practically invisible making them an excellent and discreet option.