What are braces in Colchester?

Braces (also commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as ‘orthodontics’) have been present within the world of dental care for many years, within this time however they have progressed greatly! With this in mind, many dental clinics are now choosing to embrace the latest advancements within orthodontic technology and our clinic in Colchester is no exception.

How do braces in Colchester straighten your smile?

Many patients may be familiar with ‘braces’ as a dental term, despite this however they may be unsure of how the procedure achieves long lasting, effective dental results! Traditional metal braces, to name just one common conventional example, use a combination of metal wires and fixed brackets in order to apply pressure onto the surface of the teeth, therefore producing a straighter (and happier) smile!

Looking for a more discrete orthodontic alternative?

Traditional metal braces have been present within the field of dental care for a many number of years! Despite proving to be effective in amending the most severe dental cases traditional braces in Colchester are now being replaced by modern and therefore more subtle orthodontic alternatives.

The discrete alternatives available at our clinic within Colchester..

At our clinic within Colchester we are a proud FastBraces provider! FastBraces have not only been proven to be extremely effective in amending crooked and misaligned teeth, they are also deemed as affordable too!

Are FastBraces right for me?

If you are searching for a revolutionary orthodontic system that amends the misaligned nature of your teeth in as little as three to twelve months, FastBraces could be the perfect orthodontic option for your smile. FastBraces never compromise on the quality of their appliance, embracing the latest advancements within orthodontic technology, they not only produce effective results, however they also look fantastic too!

So… What are the benefits?

Within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry we understand that there are now a wide variety of discrete orthodontic options becoming available, however we believe FastBraces are an excellent choice for many of our clients. In regards to their benefits, FastBraces not only guarantee a speedy treatment time, however they also produce long lasting orthodontic results!

What are ClearCorrect braces?

ClearCorrect braces are just one other example of a discrete alternative to conventional metal braces available at our clinic within Colchester. ClearCorrect braces are regarded as the ‘clear and simple’ modern alternative to traditional metal braces and work by gradually straightening our patients' smiles.

How do ClearCorrect braces produce effective dental results?

ClearCorrect braces essentially produce a straighter smile with the use of clear aligner trays that are replaced every several weeks in order to gradually encourage the teeth to move into a straighter position. These custom made clear aligners are essentially invisible within the mouth! In addition to their discrete nature they are also entirely removable, making for a far more comfortable orthodontic experience.

Considering our clinic to receive your braces?

If you are considering our modern dental clinic within Colchester to receive your dental appliance then you may be wondering how to get in touch with a member of our professional dental team! Located on our modern dental website we display a wide variety of contact details for our potential patients to view.