Want a straighter smile without the hassle? Come to Hello Dental and try our Smilelign braces!

If you have been perusing the internet looking for information about adult aligners, you are probably an expert on everything Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. After all, many dental surgeries are proud to offer these options, and as such, they are the most commonly offered adult orthodontic options available as a result.

However, if you need a bit more help than is practical with Invisalign, or require something a bit more corrective than the Six Month Smiles aligners can offer, you will be glad to know that there are many other orthodontic options out there to help you. Indeed, if you are concerned about being refused treatment for these options, it may be worth asking our dentist about trying Smilelign.

At Hello Dental, our team is well versed in all things related to Smilelign braces in Colchester and can help you get that gorgeous smile you want using this system. Visually similar to a mouthguard, Smilelign uses gentle pressure to move your teeth and is suited for straightening more complicated misalignments.

Want to learn more about Smilelign braces in Colchester? Read on to find out more!


While many people associate an aligner fitting with putting a less than pleasant putty into their mouths, this is not how it is done with Smilelign!

Our team will initially ask you to wear a set of pre-aligners, to ensure that when we make your Smilelign braces in Colchester, they will be the perfect fit!


And, just to be doubly sure that your aligners fit like a glove, our team will also want to perform 3D scans of the inside of your mouth; this will be to get a more in-depth look at the individual aspects that make your mouth unique.

Also, this allows us to accurately assess how well your aligners are working, while also enabling us to address any potential problems early.

Custom fitting

As you may have gathered, one of the key things about Smilelign is that it is custom-fitted.

However, as your treatment progresses, you will be required to change to a new aligner for each stage; how can a differently shaped aligner be customised?

Our team will use the computer technology that comes with the Smilelign aligners, your 3D scan and the imprint on your pre-aligners to devise custom-fitted aligners, for each individual step of the orthodontic process.


While the period that you wear your Smilelign aligner for is dependent on many factors, rest assured that it will be faster than traditional, metal aligners.

Indeed, many of our patients at Hello Dental obtain that straighter smile in 6 months or less, meaning you can plan your treatment around weddings, graduation ceremonies or any other special occasion!


Remember, once your teeth are straighter and you take the last Smilelign aligner out, you will need a custom-fitted retainer to ensure that your teeth don’t relapse into their old positions.

The prescribed time that you will be required to wear your retainer will be determined by our team.