Time for braces?

Some people jump at the chance of receiving braces and acquiring those straight teeth and Hollywood smile. On the other hand, many people suffer from dental phobia, and may be more hesitant about going ahead with braces in Colchester.

People’s anxieties can often get in the way of their visits to the dentist. Not only does this mean the dentist cannot spot signs of gum disease, or even oral cancer, in its early stages, it also means they won’t be able to give you advice on whether or not you need, or are suitable to receiving braces.

At Hello Dental, we believe that no one should have to compromise their confidence or health due to dental phobia. We never undermine the anxieties that people may have, be that fear of receiving braces in Colchester, or a general dislike of the dentist.

Our dentists our friendly, non-judgemental, and empathetic. We offer a relaxing environment where you can chat to our dentists about any worries you have regarding your treatment, and they will do their best to reassure you and help you feel at ease.

Your choices

Once you have decided to embrace the braces in Colchester, you can begin to look at your options. We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest technology, allowing us to offer treatments such as Fastbraces.

The clue is in the name. Fastbraces is a system that straightens the teeth more quickly than traditional braces. This can work its magic in as little as months, although it depends on the severity of the patient’s teeth. Most Fastbraces take up to 12 months maximum. Nowadays, having braces doesn’t necessarily have to involve years of feeling self-conscious in metal braces. With Fastbraces you will be smiling with confidence before you know it.

If you are excited to get those teeth straightened as soon as possible, come and see us, and we’ll see what we can do for you. If you fear the dentist, please try to voice any concerns you have and speak to one of our friendly dentists. If you do your best to look after your teeth, we can do our best for you.