The health benefits of straighter teeth

Many adults want to have straighter teeth for cosmetic reasons. Although aesthetic changes can improve a person’s quality of life by giving them a big boost in confidence, there are many more reasons why we should strive for straight teeth that meet evenly in the middle when we bite down.

Here at Hello Dental in Colchester, braces can be used to correct most alignment and bite issues.

Straighter teeth are happier teeth

When teeth are straight and meet in the middle they are less likely to be worn down unevenly. Chipping, cracking and snapping are also less likely to happen because the pressure exerted on the teeth is more evenly distributed.

In Colchester, braces can also help the user to keep their teeth clean. When teeth are straight there are fewer places that harmful bacteria can gather and multiply. These bacteria are leading causes of tooth loss and gum disease, so it’s important to keep them off your teeth.

Types of braces in Colchester

Here at Hello Dental we offer two different types of teeth straightening treatments. Our aim is to provide a treatment that can fit around your lifestyle and get you the results you want.

Treatments have come a long way since the days of ‘train track’ braces. We provide Fastbraces. Fastbraces is a revolutionary fixed braces system that can straighten your teeth in just 3-12 months.

The treatment achieves results faster because of its innovative design. Most of us will be familiar with the brackets and wires involved with traditional braces. With Fastbraces, the brackets have a unique triangular design that allows for fewer wires and no elastic bands to be used.

The other treatment we offer at Hello Dental for teeth straightening is Smilelign. This treatment uses a series of clear custom-moulded plastic tooth trays that adjust your teeth gently over time.

Each aligner is slightly different in shape, applying gentle pressure to your teeth. The aligners are removable making meal times much less of a hassle and keeping your teeth clean is as easy as usual.

Because the aligners are clear they are virtually invisible to other people.