Taking the plunge with braces in Colchester

Why you may want or need a brace

Whether in their younger or older years, having a crooked or overcrowded mouth can fill an individual with dread. Whilst in the past some treatment options available for tooth misalignment may have appeared more stress provoking than leaving the issue alone, modern advances within the dental world have ensured that this is no longer necessarily the case with braces in Colchester.

What are the options available?

Each orthodontic treatment or procedure in modern times takes into consideration the effect on the patient’s physical appearance along with the impact on their daily lives. This is one particular reason as to why transparent, removable aligners were created. One popular option that our dental practice offers is Smilelign. These removable aligners rely heavily upon the patient’s commitment to straightening and perfecting their smile. Using a series of clear, removable aligners, the teeth are manipulated into a new position within a time frame as short as 12 weeks. Each individual aligner is created specifically to the patient’s mouth and encourages the movement of the teeth in small stages, so as to keep the discomfort minimal throughout the entire realignment process.

When time is an issue and the desired result is wanted to be gained within 3 to 12 months at the very most, it may be that the patient looks more towards the Fastbraces treatment. These flexible, discreet and lightweight braces in Colchester are bonded to the teeth and as soon as they are put in place begin the gentle realignment of the teeth. This particular method focuses on the root movement from the outset and by providing fast, noticeable results is often a popular choice for patients when deciding on a realignment method.

Understanding which option is best for you

Whilst personal preference always plays a large part in choosing any dental treatment or procedure, it is also important to seek advice and recommendations from the professionals within the orthodontic field of dentistry. Understanding your type of tooth alignment problem and weighing up the best treatment options available for your own individual case is of utmost importance. After all, no one wants to spend months on a treatment that is not suited to their particular needs and just delays a positive result. By gaining advice from us at Hello Dental you will be ensuring that you are taking the right course of action and receiving the best braces in Colchester for your individual case.

Beginning your journey

Whilst carrying out your own research at home can be extremely useful, once you have decided to straighten your smile contact our dental practice so that a consultation can be booked in. In most cases the option of invisible aligners will be raised by our dental team without prompting, but if that is not the case rest assured that there may still be various subtle, teeth straightening choices available to you. The end result of perseverance with any treatment of this type is well worth the effort. Perfecting your smile takes teamwork so include our dental team in your aims and they will help you to reach them wherever possible.