Self-confident smiles with braces in Colchester

If you look at pictures of celebs online or in magazines and wish you felt as confident as they looked, then it’s worth asking yourself what it is about them that seems to make them have so much self-confidence.

You may not be on TOWIE, but you can get that burst of confidence by mimicking some of the things that TOWIE celebs have done to improve the way they feel about themselves. One of the best investments you can make in your looks is not a new piece of clothing or hair colour, but getting a great smile, and great smiles start with lovely, well aligned teeth.

Very few of us are born with perfectly straight teeth. Most of us have some kind of mild misalignment issues that could do with being sorted out. Here at Hello Dental, we offer 2 different kinds of braces in Colchester that can quickly and effectively correct your teeth and so boost your self-confidence.

Braces in Colchester are not just about looks

If you are worried that getting braces in Colchester is just too vain, then you’ll be glad to know that having your teeth straightened won’t only make you look and feel great, it will also extend the life of your teeth.

Straighter teeth offer fewer hard-to-reach places for plaque to build up. Plaque damages teeth in 2 ways: it causes decay, which rots teeth, and it also causes gum disease, which loosens teeth and eventually makes them fall out.

Plus, teeth that are well aligned are able to work more as a team during eating, spreading the loads of the powerful forces created by chewing. With misaligned teeth, this load can fall on just a few teeth that, over years of chewing, can crumble away.

If you want your wonky teeth to last longer as well as look better, then you need braces in Colchester.

Braces at Hello Dental come in 2 forms. Fastbraces are fixed onto the teeth and are made of clear ceramic and tooth-coloured wire. They work to quickly straighten the teeth. ClearCorrect uses clear aligners that look more like mouth guards than braces.

Which one will work for you? Book a consultation to find out.