Make straighter teeth your aim for 2018

There is something about decluttering that is good for our mental wellbeing. And it’s not just an orderly house that can make us feel great, having an orderly mouth can be a real confidence booster too. In fact, having a smile to be proud of has been proven to make people happier.

These days, you don’t have to have drastically wonky teeth to get braces in Colchester. Upgrading your smile is one sure way to make life seem a whole lot better. You will no longer have to hide or suppress your smile because you are embarrassed by your wonky teeth.

It isn’t just all about aesthetics

As well as feeling more confident, you will find that your teeth are much easier to keep clean, which means less chance of decay and more chance of keeping your own teeth for life. There’s also less chance of one or two crumbling away because they bear the brunt of all your chewing. With braces in Colchester, the force is evenly distributed along your jawbone.

Also, when there are no serious problems with your bite, straightening out wonky teeth can be done discreetly and so much more quickly than in the past. Braces in Colchester from Hello Dental uses Fastbraces, a system that can straighten your teeth in as little as only 120 days.

How does Fastbraces work?

Fastbraces a revolutionary system of braces in Colchester. It only takes from 3–12 months to work. This bracket and wire system with a difference has been well researched as well as being technologically advanced. This means you get effective treatment with no need to compromise on the outcome in the name of speed.

We are confident that if you use Fastbraces you won’t have to worry about your teeth drifting out of alignment once your treatment is over. In fact, Fastbraces thinks the long-term stability of the results are so good that it guarantees straight teeth for life.

The prices for Fastbraces start at £1800. You can pay in full or you can spread the cost with interest-free credit and repayments of £167 per month.