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Keeping my teeth clean during braces treatment

During your braces treatment at hello dental Colchester, it is important to think about slightly changing your cleaning routine. You may require a few extra things to help keep your teeth and brace clean. Here is a list of appliances that we at hello dental Colchester recommend:

· Oral B round headed electric toothbrush

· Oral B orthodontic head for electric toothbrush

· A single tufted brush, used to clean behind teeth and wire

· A range of interdental cleaning brushes (sized to your needs)

Your teeth are going to be moving constantly throughout your treatment, so it is important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout. We would advise brushing twice daily with your dental toothbrush, this may take longer than the recommended two minutes and it is important to clean around the brackets if you have a fixed brace and cleaning in between your teeth daily, you may also need to remove food particles after eating throughout the day. Carrying a kit of your essential cleaning tools on you always is a great way to maintain your oral hygiene when at work or school or out for dinner.