Introducing hd Aesthetics

As part of our facial rejuvenation treatments list, we are now introducing facial peels.

What is a peel and what results should I expect?

Neostrata pro system is a highly effective superficial peeling system used by medical skincare professionals that is clinically proven to achieve outstanding and predictable results in skincare.

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) help loosen and remove dead surface layers of skin to exfoliate and smooth skin as well as provide deeper anti-ageing effects. The peel treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal. A high concentration of AHA is applied to the skin for a short period of time and then chemically neutralised to end the treatment.

This procedure helps to remove the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing FRESH skin, stimulating cell turnover and encouraging anti-ageing effects in the deeper skin layers.

We recommend a series of peels which can help the skin appear healthier, smoother, plumper, firmer less oily and more even toned with fewer acne blemishes.

AHA peels have the advantage of being nontoxic and are used for superficial peeling of skin because they require little recovery time. They are usually done in a series of 4 -6 treatments with 4 weeks in between each treatment.

What kind of improvement can I expect?

The following are the types of improvements that can be expected with the Neostrata Prosystem.

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Evening of skin tone and lightened discolorations

  • Diminished appearance of pore sizeImproved skin tone and texture

  • Reduced appearance of blemishes in acne prone skin

  • Visual softening of shallow acne scars

  • Increased skin glow or radiance

How long is recovery after peel?

Often there is no noticeable healing or recovery time and skin looks and feels normal afterwards within a few hours to a day. For some people the healing/recovery time can be longer- A few days to a week. You can only wear mineral based make up immediately after treatment, although we would recommend not to wear make up until the following day.

Can anyone be treated with a peel?

Although all skin types can be treated with the Neostrata Prosystem, your physician or skincare professional will determine if it is right for you after discussing your medical history skin sensitivities and peel expectations.

If you would like any information about facial peels or to make an appointment please contact us via telephone or email.