Great reasons to check out braces in Colchester

Having a straight smile not only looks good, it is better for your teeth and helps them to last longer.

People don’t always appreciate that having treatment with braces in Colchester makes them easier to keep clean in the long-run, and therefore less susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. When the teeth are lined up correctly, it is so much easier to clean around each one with your brush and dental floss.

Braces in Colchester also get the teeth to act better as a team. They bear the forces of chewing and biting as a unified whole rather than just one or two taking the brunt of the pressure, and perhaps crumbling away because of it after a few decades of chewing.

Here at Hello Dental, we can straighten your teeth with fixed bracket and wire Fastbraces or with clear aligners from ClearCorrect.


Fastbraces are bracket and wire braces but with a difference. They have a revolutionary design that means they can straighten your teeth more quickly, in just 3-12 months. The difference with Fastbraces is that they move the root of the tooth at the same time as the crown. Other fixed braces move the crown first and then the root.


These are great if you don’t want people to know you are wearing tooth straighteners. ClearCorrect uses clear aligner technology instead of brackets and wires. You get a series of very thin, clear plastic aligners that, like mouth guards, go over your teeth. Each aligner has carefully placed pressure points inside it that press on your teeth to move. It takes about a fortnight for each aligner to do its work and then you move onto the next one.

One of the big advantages of ClearCorrect aligners, apart from being virtually unnoticeable, is that you take them out for eating and cleaning. People find these aligners can therefore be a lot less hassle than fixed bracket and wire braces. Aligners aren’t suitable for every kind of misalignment though. Undescended teeth, for example, can’t be corrected with aligners.

Why not book a free consultation with us to find out which braces system is right for you?