Everything you need to know about Fastbraces in Colchester

Braces can improve people’s confidence in their teeth by granting them a straight set of teeth and a more attractive smile. However, older methods require extensive treatments that cost more.

What are your other options if you do not fancy wearing braces for approximately two years?

Here at Hello Dental, Fastbraces in Colchester are popular among patients with crooked and imperfect teeth as the treatment time is a fraction of that of conventional straightening aids.

How are Fastbraces in Colchester different to regular braces?

Traditional appliances usually take two years to straighten your teeth fully. In the first year, the position of your teeth’s crowns is moved, while in the second year, the roots of your pearly whites are corrected.

Fastbraces realign your teeth differently to standard braces. Due to the components in this orthodontic device, FastBraces in Colchester simultaneously repair the crown and root of each tooth from the start of treatment.

Instead of affixing square-metal brackets to the front of your teeth, we use triangular-shaped, specialised archwires.

By using smaller brackets, there is extra space which provides more flexibility for the wires to pull your teeth into the desired position quickly and efficiently.

What are some of the benefits raved about by our past clients?

Short Treatment Time

The shorter treatment time is advantageous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, speedy results spells less time wearing braces and an affordable treatment overall.

Secondly, your oral health will not suffer as much as it could by wearing braces. Wearing a regular orthodontic appliance requires a strict and thorough cleaning regime that requires you to remove food debris from your brackets and from the wires. Therefore, the less time spent wearing braces, the better it is for your dental health and hygiene.

Individuals with dental anxiety, or people who are introverted, will relish the idea of wearing braces for a considerably shorter time. If you are self-conscious about your looks, you may feel embarrassed about wearing braces for a longer time.

Pleasurable User Experience

Apart from obtaining speedy results from between three and twelve months, our customers have emphasised the comfort of the appliance.

Fastbraces are light on your teeth, create low friction with your skin, and offer an overall pleasant user experience in the short time you are treated.

No need for tooth extractions

Some orthodontic treatments may require tooth extraction to ensure that the appliance fits well. Fortunately, this is not the case for Fastbraces.

We understand that tooth extraction can be traumatic, especially for younger patients, which is one of the several reasons why we recommend this particular straightening aid to our customers considering braces.

Who is a suitable candidate for this treatment?

Fastbraces can treat various types of orthodontic issues fast. However, first consult with your orthodontists, before opting for the treatment.

It may be the case where your dental issue is complex, whereby FastBraces will not work as efficiently for you as it does for other wearers.