Can I have white teeth and still drink tea and coffee?

Yes! You can have white teeth and drink coffee…. Drinking coffee can stain your teeth and prevent them from appearing white. It is important to remember that teeth are not meant to be ‘white’ but there are ways to remove coffee stain and prevent it from building up. Drinks such as tea, coffee or red wine contain a substance called tannin, this is what causes staining and stops your teeth from appearing white.

A good tip is to rinse your mouth with water after consuming tannin containing products. Another option is to drink them through a straw. Once the stain has built up it is a good idea to visit a dental hygienist to remove this and to advise on preventing further build up.

A great way we can remove is an Air polishing, this is a gentle treatment we use to remove heavy stains on your teeth. It can access hard to reach areas that we cannot get to with our usual instruments. It works by polishing your teeth with a mix of bicarbonate powder, water and high-pressure air.