Bracing new treatment

If the thought of spending a couple of years with a mouth full of metal was the only thing holding you back from getting those pearly whites perfectly straight then there is no reason to hold back any more. An innovative design has been created that is not only fast, but discreet. Braces technologies have advanced to new highs and in Colchester, braces are definitely on the rise. Not that you would be able to tell at first glance. Here at Hello Dental in Colchester, braces can turn your life around.

What are braces

Braces in Colchester are designed with the sole purpose of straightening your teeth. They can come in many forms, from braces that are fixed to the wearer’s teeth, to aligners that can be removable. Whatever type of brace you opt for, the overall outcome for you will be straighter teeth. Straightening teeth is not only done for aesthetic reasons, straighter teeth can mean a healthier mouth.

There are two advanced brace systems we use at Hello Dental, Fastbrace and ClearCorrect.

Fastbrace is a technique that has revolutionised the braces system. Imagine you wanted straight teeth for Christmas. Well, depending on the initial alignment of your teeth, it could be possible for your Christmas wish to come true. We can offer you a brace system that can straighten teeth in 3-12 months. This is a fantastic technique that moves the entire tooth, crown and root, at the same time, thus cutting the treatment time in half. Small metal triangle brackets are attached to the teeth, with a delicate wire attaching them. This means it may not be as discreet as the next brace system but it is certainly the quickest.

ClearCorrect is a series of aligners that are usually remain unnoticed by anyone who is not aware they are being worn. They are made up of a clear plastic and slip snugly over the wearer’s teeth. They apply a gentle pressure that moves the teeth into the correct position. They are removable, which makes them more desirable but for the best and quickest results, they are recommended to be worn as often as possible. These braces are more popular with those who want more discretion.