Braces in Colchester - what are the options?

Things to consider

When discussing orthodontic methods, it is important to understand that there are a wide range of treatments and procedures available to patients of all ages. Each method of realignment is based upon the effectiveness of the treatment for the individual case combined with the requirements of the patient, such as the nature of the appearance of the orthodontic treatment or length of time it takes to realign the teeth.

The traditional method

Metal brackets attached to the teeth with wires running in between are one of the methods considered to be traditional by a vast majority of the population. Sometimes referred to as ‘train tracks’, this particular method has, in the past, caused adults to shy away from getting their teeth straightened, due to the treatment being deemed unsightly and impacting their cosmetic appearance. Luckily, with advances in the world of dentistry both in knowledge and technology, new orthodontic options have opened up, creating adjustments to the traditional method and providing completely new treatment possibilities.


Fastbraces have been cleverly designed around the traditional brace method and whilst using the strengths of the traditional treatment have understood the need for a more inconspicuous appearance. Therefore using minimal wiring and small fixed brackets which are coloured to reflect the natural tooth, Fastbraces incorporate traditional methods without losing any of their effectiveness and provide patients with an orthodontic treatment they do not need to be embarrassed by.

Another aspect which is proving more and more popular among both adults and children is the length of time this particular orthodontic treatment can take. Whilst it is important to understand that each case varies, the treatment time for Fastbraces can be as little as 3 to 12 months. This is down to the fact that the root movement of the tooth begins as soon as the braces in Colchester are fixed to the teeth.


For those who are just not interested in having fixed braces in Colchester there are other options available. For instance, ClearCorrect are clear, removable retainers which guide the teeth into a new aligned position whilst the patient wears them. Transparent, removable retainers have risen in popularity over the years due to the extremely inconspicuous design and the ability to remove them during times of food consumption. The retainers do not restrict the diet of the patient, enabling them to continue eating the way they did before treatment commenced and in line with this, do not accumulate bits of food within the retainer.

The removable nature of the retainers puts the majority of the control of the braces in Colchester treatment into the patient’s domain and therefore the length of time to get to the required end result will be entirely in their hands.

It is always important to feel comfortable and fully informed of what each treatment or procedure on offer to you entails. We therefore advise all our patients to seek further information on any mentioned in this article from our local dental team at Hello Dental, to understand any potential risks and how the overall treatment works.