Braces in Colchester and why they may be beneficial to you

Why might an individual require a brace?

Crooked, overcrowded or misaligned teeth are a common problem among both children and adults, luckily in today’s society there are a variety of options available to straighten your teeth which are discreet and create a smile worth showing off.

What are the options?

When choosing braces in Colchester our dental team understands that there are numerous factors which influence a patient’s decision on which brace method to use. These often include the length of time the treatment takes and how inconspicuous the method appears. In the past, large metal contraptions which sit partially on the outside of the head were used as a way to straighten teeth, but with modern advances within the dentistry world there is no need to worry about these. Modern dentistry has created brace brackets and wires that blend in with the natural teeth, as well as clear aligners.

The first option we will talk about today is Fastbraces. Working on a time frame of 3 to 12 months, these discreet, flexible and lightweight braces in Colchester are fixed to teeth. From the moment they are fixed to the teeth the low profile brace begins to gently create root movement therefore adjusting the tooth alignment from the outset. This treatment option is highly popular due to the fast and effective results that are produced.

The second popular option we offer is Smilelign. This method relies more on the patient’s commitment to straightening the teeth, as the clear aligners are removable. Using sets of clear, removable aligners the teeth are manipulated into place in a period as short as 12 weeks. Each aligner is created specifically to the patient’s mouth and the movement of the teeth is encouraged in small stages which in turn causes minimal discomfort and helps you, our patient, feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

How to choose the right option for you?

When choosing which treatment plan to follow with braces in Colchester there are many factors which need to be considered by both your dental team and more importantly, yourself. For instance, the clear aligners are removable and therefore if it is likely that you would remove them frequently they may not be the best option for you. The severity of the misalignment or overcrowding is one factor which your dental team will take into consideration. If your particular case will benefit from one particular method over the other your dental team will advise accordingly and ensure that together you put the best method in place for your individual needs.

How to get started

In some cases your dental team will initiate the discussion with you about the possibility of needing to use a tooth realignment method. However, if they haven’t then this does not mean you are unable to get treatment. Upon discussion of your individual case, all the effective possibilities will be discussed creating the beginning of your journey to an even more dazzling smile.

Please note we advise all our patients to seek further information and advice on any treatments that they may be interested in mentioned in this article with our dental practice.