Are adult braces in Colchester right for you?

Wearing braces is commonplace in children and teenagers, with some considering it a rite of passage. But increasingly, adults are also drawn to the benefits of braces.

Here at Hello Dental, we want to make your life easier and for this reason we offer adult braces in Colchester. Just like regular braces, adult braces will help move your teeth into their correct position, but will do so without being visible. And if you ask how this is possible, you only need to book a consultation appointment with us so that we can show you.

Not the braces of your childhood

Teeth straightening treatment can be quite challenging for adults, since they may be experiencing problems with receding gums or bone loss. However, you can overcome these problems if you work closely with your dentist to choose the right type of braces in Colchester. If your teeth are healthy and gum disease is kept at bay, you can start your journey towards a better smile.

At the same time, patients need to understand that modern braces are nothing like the braces of their childhood. Even metal braces are less chunky than their predecessors and technology has advanced considerably. Not to mention that some types of adult braces such as Invisalign do not even need to be fixed on your teeth.

Can I have any type of adult braces I want?

Determining the right type of braces for your individual dental needs can take some time. In general, different types of adult braces serve different needs, therefore you need to have your teeth examined by your dentist in order to understand which treatment will fix your problem effectively. If you are eligible for more than one treatment, then you can take into consideration several factors including your wish to have fixed or removable braces as well as various lifestyle considerations.

Life with braces is not as hard as you may think

Adult teeth may not move as quickly as children’s teeth, however, once you have adjusted to your teeth straightening routine, you can expect to see great results within the first months of having adult braces in Colchester. Getting braces as an adult has never been easier.