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Jess’s Experience at Hello Dental in Colchester, Essex

" Having not been to a dentist for ten years, being terrified of the thought of needles and drills, I came across Hello Dental, and met Neel at a men’s health day. As a new patient, now have nice teeth again and would recommend the practice 100%. As it says on the card ‘the dentist for people who don’t like the dentist "

– R. Nardone –

" I was a nervous patient and didn’t like dentists at all, until I came to Hello Dental. Such brilliant staff and Neel absolutely looked after me and my nerves…I enjoy the dentist now!! "

– L. Morrison –

Cassie talks about her pain-free treatments at Hello Dental

"  As an extremely nervous patient, I hate coming to the dentist! However, ‘Hello Dental’ has been a different experience for me. The practice has a very calming feel and the staff are so lovely. "

– C. Birkbeck –

"  I fully recommend Hello Dental. I was a very nervous patient and I haven’t been for about 4 years. I needed root canal and other general work. Helen and the team were fantastic, so caring and took things slowly. I have been back about 6-7 times and I am so happy with my dentist. I am NEVER scared or nervous now. "

– S. Newell –

Donald talks about how Hello Dental helped him overcome his fear of the dentist and get his smile back!

"  From the first moment I contacted Hello Dental I felt reassured and peaceful. My initial phone call to enquire about registering, and to explain my fear of dentists, was met with such kindness and helpfulness I came away from the conversation feeling like I had just spoken with a friend. "

– S.Connell –

"  I’m so pleased with my teeth after having braces on, I’m always smiling and I feel confident to smile showing my new beautiful teeth off, thank you so much Neel. "

– H. Gooch –

Zoe’s first experience at Hello Dental

"  Hello dental is a thoroughly well run practice, with friendly attentive staff all maintaining very high standards of dental care. The best I have found. "

– J.C –

"  My second time with the laser and I can’t thank Neel enough for his supportive and encouraging attitude. Not only have I been needle free for all my treatment I can honestly say I haven’t felt the slightest discomfort. I would have fallen asleep having a filling-there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say! Thank you Neel and your fantastic team. "

– H. Cansdale –

Dom and Cassie talk about how Hello Dental helped them achieve a great smile and a healthy mouth for their Wedding

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Millie Sibley Testimonial

"  6 months ago, I decided to try PRGF – Micro needling combined with plasma on the recommendation of the practise to improve my skin.


I have fair skin which is quite difficult, sensitive but also prone to break outs and enlarged pores. I found the treatment slightly scratchy but afterwards only had slight redness (like I had been in the sun) which faded very quickly.


From the first treatment I noticed (and so did others) a big improvement in the texture and resilience of my skin. After the second treatment I saw and increasing improvement and also my age spots had noticeably fade and this was during the Summer! The third treatment seemed to consolidate the results and I can honestly say that my skin is now fresher, less sensitive, pores have shrunk and looks noticeably younger.


Happy days!


I will definitely be returning for ‘top ups ‘! "

– F C –

"  I was told at 22 years old that I grind my teeth and was given my first of many mouth guards over the years that were chewed away. Some of my teeth have been damaged through my habit and the pain of grinding my teeth was now waking me at night. Luckily when I changed dentists they told me about Hello Dental who offered alternative options and so with reservations I went for a consultation. From the beginning the team at hello Dental were wonderful, the receptionist and dentist were friendly and accommodation, they also have early and late evening appointments which are great.


All the different options were explained, and I went for the Cerezen device as I could not believe that a couple of ear plugs would prevent me grinding my teeth and stop the increasingly excruciating pain along the right side of my teeth. Following the consultation, I had an appointment with the Cerezen Audiologist who explained the procedure well. It is not pleasant having moulds of your ear taken but it is not painful.


After two weeks my Cerezen devices were ready and you are shown how to insert them and given instruction how to ‘bed’ them in. This is where the journey begins as you start wearing them for a few hours and then work your way to wearing them throughout the day and night. At first, I felt pressure either side of my ear but noticed my jaw was forced to relax and noticed how much tension I had built up in my jaw. I liked wearing them whilst I was driving a as I had not known how much I clenched my teeth unknowingly. However, as I started wearing them at night I found the ear devices to be hard and would dig in my ear. This was painful for me as I slept on my side. Slowly building up from wearing them for just an hour I can now wear them all night, this took about a month. However, I am extremely pleased that I persevered as now I have the best nights sleep I have ever had as I no longer wake up with jaw pain.

Overall the team at Hello Dental are great and I felt that I was given full and clear advice. There are disadvantages to the Cerezen however the advantages outweigh them and the pain and headaches I used to suffer from daily have now virtually disappeared and I sleep much more soundly. I hope the damage that I inflicted on my teeth through grinding has now halted. I never wear my mouth guard at night which is wonderful just my Cerezen devices which are very discrete, and my hearing is not affected. I would recommend Cerezen even though it took some time to get used to them it is such a wonderful relief to wake up without teeth and jaw pain. "

– Anonymous –

"  I was recommended Hello Dental when my previous NHS dentist retired. I cannot express how delighted I am with the results and only regret not having come along sooner!


From the start it felt like a Rolls Royce service at Hello Dental, the practice is so clean and modern, computer/patient television screens and real professionalism. This really made me feel like I was getting the best. Then the nurses, Hygienist and most importantly my dentist Helen were all so friendly, welcoming and cared about all my fears and concerns. I even got emotional a few times and they were so supportive and comforting. It was a big change for me.


Helen is like an artist; she really took so much time (in actually, a really short period of time) on perfecting the look of my teeth to make sure they all matched, were as white as possible and looked a shape I could only have previously dreamed of. I’m so happy with my results, they look natural and a beautiful shape. After just whitening and then matching up with white composite.

I have had countless compliments and I feel such a change in my confidence. I hated photographs before but now am so pleased with how they look I can’t stop smiling. Thank you so much to everyone there. I would say to anyone thinking of coming to the practice to go for it!  "

– Sophie Davey –

"  I first went to see Neel after he came highly recommended from a colleague, and I was looking for someone to fix some poor work I had previously had done through the NHS.


The fact that Neel is still my dentist after 5 years is testament to the great dentistry work he’s capable of, and the great service that every member of the Hello Dental team provides. They somehow manage to turn a rather unpleasant experience into a pleasant one and I’m grateful that I no longer feel anxious before upcoming appointments.


Hello Dental are a shining example of how dental practices can, and should be, run. "

– Darrell –

"  I have had a fear of the dentist my whole life. I have recently had root canal treatment with Neel and can honestly say “it was a piece of cake”. He explained everything, was so patient with me and best of all, there was absolutely no pain during or after! All of the staff I have met are brilliant and very understanding. I would recommend Neel and his team to everyone and I can’t thank them all enough.  "

– G. Shadbolt –

"  Came in a nervous wreck but the time I spent with Neel was a good experience. Very patient, gentle and understanding. Everyone was helpful, friendly and will definitely be coming back for my treatment. "

– L. Bowen –

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