Medical Hypnosis

Medical hypnosis for dental anxiety, phobias and gag reflex

Hypnosis can be used as an aid to relaxation and many dental anxieties

At Hello dental we find hypnosis a great aid to helping people relax while having treatment and gain more control over their thoughts, feelings and anxiety. We can use hypnosis to helped people overcome dental anxiety, specific phobias like needle phobia or a pronounced gag reflex.


Beyond this hypnosis once learnt, when practised regularly by yourself is an incredibly useful to help in relaxation and reducing stress but also in quickly refreshing yourself to become more productive.

Hypnosis the myths

Hypnosis has been much maligned in popular culture, movies and by stage hypnotists, often associated with loss of control, magical powers and mysticism. In fact the opposite is true, hypnosis is a very safe and natural process.

These myths that are perpetuated by stage hypnotists are often very elaborate and planned illusions with careful research and selection and are done for dramatic effect.

There is clear research that shows that shows people will not do anything when hypnotised that they would not do when awake, if the hypnotist keeps challenging the person they will come out of hypnosis and refuse to co-operate

What is medical hypnosis and how will I feel during it?

Hypnosis is a natural process that is very similar to daydreaming or being absorbed in a book that you are oblivious to the time passing by. You do not lose consciousness or control but your focus is elsewhere. In hypnosis we simply show you a way to allow you to enter this relaxed state.

You would not be unconscious or asleep at any time and you will be in full control. IF you want you will be able to speak and cough or move around in the chair. You will be aware of what is happening around you but be happy to simply ignore it. If you wish you will be able to come out of hypnosis whenever you want to.


Our role is to act as a guide or coach and take you through a series of exercise which you can learn to enter into a state of hypnosis yourself. Like any muscle or new skill you must practice the technique to be able to become proficient at entering into the hypnotic state.


Similar to learning anything new, for example, golf, the coach can teach you the basics of how to swing, but without practice it is unlikely that you will become very good at it.

Dr. Neel Sanghavi has been trained in hypnosis by Dr. Mike Gow a leading dentist who practices hypnosis and has appeared on BBC television using hypnosis alone without any anaesthetic to extract teeth and place implants. Watch the video here (warning contains graphic scenes of surgery)

Our approach to using hypnosis for those who are scared of the dentist.

We start with a consultation and discussion as to the nature of the problem and explore possible solutions. Then around this build a number of different techniques and scripts that may work for you which we would guide you through before any dental treatment.

We would record these scripts so that you can listen to them when at home and practice entering a state of hypnosis yourself. In time you will become proficient at entering hypnosis yourself a truly great life skill that you can use in any stressful situation or in any situation where you would like to quickly refresh yourself.