Laser Dentistry

Colchester, Ipswich and Suffolk’s only Laser Dentistry Centre

As a laser dentistry centre in colchester, we are the only practice in North Essex and Suffolk to use the latest generation of dental lasers.

The Waterlase is one of the world’s leading dental lasers and has been researched and developed over 25 years by US manufacturer Biolase.

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Why do we use lasers?… Quite simply because it is better for patients! Laser Dentistry has evolved and The Waterlase allows us to use the power of light to activate water molecules to carry out dental procedures with greater precision and with less trauma and damage to healthy tissues. Lasers are used with great succes in other field of medicine such as eye surgery, skin surgery and in aesthetic medicine and so Laser dentistry is a natural evolution. The Waterlase has been in development for over 25 years and is one of the worlds most innovative and technologically advanced dental laser with a wavelength specifically developed to work on dental tissues, making laser dentistry for a wide range of dental procedures a reality.

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​As a patient laser dentistry in Colchester using the Waterlase means:

  • Fewer injections for many procedures like fillings, gum recontouring, tongue ties etc. which means less numb faces and droopy lips!

  • More precise meaning less damage is done to surrounding tissue. With high magnification its almost like doing key hole surgery.

  • Less infections and faster recovery as the laser energy kills bacteria and viruses.

  • Better treatment outcomes as the laser improves the adhesion of filling materials.

  • For advanced gum disease the Waterlase has been shown to be more effective than treatment without a laser.

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Teeth wear down with time but when they wear too fast it can cause a serious issue


As laser dentistry we don’t just use one laser. We couple the use of the Waterlase with another laser called an Ez-lase to perform low level laser therapy. Low level laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, increases the rate of healing and improves the mobility of our body’s own defences.

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Low level laser therapy is a great adjunct to laser dentistry, has been widely researched and it has been used for a wide range of applications including treatment of ulcers, cold sores, tension headaches and migraines, post surgery healing, arthritis, smoking cessation therapy, muscular spasms and a range of other ailments.

Low level laser therapy often gives immediate resolution of pain and discomfort symptoms and allows us to accelerate our bodies own healing processes by activating the powerhouse (mitochondira) of our cells.

We use Low level laser therapy widely in reducing the tension in jaw muscles, cold sore relief, mouth ulcers relief and relief from neuralgia and facial pain syndromes. It truly is so versatile its our go to Laser Dentistry equipment several times a day.