Cosmetic Dentistry

Say Hello to a new concept in Cosmetic Dentistry in Colchester:

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, at hello dental we are colchester dentists who do things differently.

IWe are not cosmetic dentists! We are dentists who create great smiles with a focus on health, the ability to eat and talk comfortably… and this ultimately leads to them lasting longer then short term quick fix techniques.

We call this biologically friendly cosmetic dentistry.

At hello dental Colchester we have invested in the technology, the materials and the education to deliver amazing cosmetic results for our patients.

Cosmetic dentistry has now been around for many years and there is now a good evidence base that shows many techniques that have been used are not so great for the longevity and health of the teeth.

Unfortunately many of these aggressive techniques are still widely performed by “cosmetic dentists”, purely because they are easier to perform, give a quick fix, often deliver amazing aesthetic results and very happy patients… at least in the short to medium term.

The downsides of this approach to cosmetic dentistry are often seen online in forums and social media sites.  There are many stories of failing cosmetic work, requiring root canals, and implants to try and regain some of the ability to eat and talk let alone smile confidently. We do not believe health has to be compromised to gain a great smile, its our way of practising cosmetic dentistry in colchester.

We believe in biologically friendly cosmetic dentistry, with a focus on function and health first, which simply means for a patient their beautiful new smile will last longer.

This minimally invasive approach often requires a bit longer to deliver a beautiful smile and the smile may not be a perfect row of straight white teeth with no imperfections like a denture.

Our skill is honed in finding ways NOT to cut a tooth down to a stump or aggressive surgical approaches in the name of aesthetics. We have no pleasure in having to treat teeth again in 5 or 10 years time because of damage that was done to try and achieve an aesthetic aim.

Is it still possible to get a great smile and still maintain good health?

Absolutely, in most cases its not only possible but in many cases we actually make a health gain by improving the bite and making teeth easier to clean and maintain thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Our approach to Cosmetic Dentistry is driven by health. We use a combination of less invasive techniques, advanced materials and careful planning and discussions before carrying out any irreversible treatment.

Our process for delivering great cosmetic dentistry is:

  • we start by listening to your needs and wants and discuss these

  • we then take detailed records of your face and smile such as photos, videos, models of your teeth, jaw measurements and xrays.

  • Then the hard work begins! we start planning the case and trying to bring together all the various elements, your requirements together with the biological parameters.

  • After we have done this we would sometimes have a preliminary discussion if we wanted to clarify and talk you through some options.

  • Once the various options are finalised we would create a report so you can read and understand the pros and cons of any approach.

  • When you have chosen the option that suits you best and we have clearly set out what your expectations are, we begin treatment.

  • Throughout the process we will listen to your feedback and deliver any changes that are possible.

  • You will always see a “dress reherasal” of what your teeth will look like because we create prototype temporaries on your teeth that give you a good idea what your new smile would look like. This allows us to also ensure all the functional elements like how your bite meets, chewing, talking etc. are right.

  • Once you approve your prototypes we use a highly skilled, and equally technologically advanced, lab to create your final smile.

  • We review and ensure you are able to mainayain your new smile to a high standard as this makes all the difference in the longevity of the work.