Composite Bonding

Composite bonding at Hello Dental Colchester

Patient did not like: Small front teeth, chipped worn teeth and bleeding gums

Solution: Gum disease treatment, No-prep porcelain veneers and composite bonding

Jessica Marirott Hygienis

That’s why composite bonding has revolutionised dentistry over the last few years. It allows us to repair, modify or build up teeth using an advanced material that mimics the look of the tooth and many of the physical properties of the tooth.

The best thing about composite bonding is that it can often be done without drilling the tooth and without any injections to numb the tooth. The material uses a very strong glue to stick to the tooth very firmly.

At Hello Dental Colchester we use our advanced laser technology to improve this adhesion further and disinfect the remaining tooth allowing us to build up even very broken down teeth. In the process not only making them look better but also protecting the remaining tooth.

The composite material itself varies in quality and price greatly. To deliver excellent bond strengths and outstanding aesthetics requires not only the latest generation of materials but a very careful technique. We use leading composites that have been developed to mimic the natural shade of the teeth, but more than this their properties also mimic the tooth natural flexibility and strength. This means they protect the tooth better and last longer.

Our composites are sourced from leading dental manufacturers from the US, Japan and Germany. We have carefully researched their properties with a focus on longevity, aesthetics and shade stability to ensure we deliver outstanding results.

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