Anxious Patients

Scared of the dentist?… We can help!

Anxious patient Zoe’s first experience at Hello Dental

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At hello dental Colchester our practice has been designed around the needs of those who tell us they do not like the dentist.

Our practice has a particular expertise in treating patients with various dental anxieties ranging from general fear of dentistry due to previous bad experiences, through to specific phobias such as needle phobias and  strong gag reflexes.

We do this using an approach which firstly listens to your needs and concerns. Depending in the extent of your concerns we develop a plan to help you overcome the fear.

We believe in investing the time to truly help you overcome your dental anxiety and concerns.

Using a combination of the various advanced techniques to help you manage your anxiety, together with old fashioned, patience, kindness and empathy. We know a lot of people feel embarrassed by their anxiety so we ensure that we always make you feel comfortable and keep things confidential.

In addition to this we have some of the most advanced technology in Colchester. to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible. We prefer whenever possible to do things gently and more accurately, and new technology like lasers allows us to do this.

We are the only practice in Colchester and Ipswich  to use Waterlase laser dentistry. In fact we are the only general practice in Essex and Suffolk to use lasers as an integral part of our daily work. This means we can do things much more comfortably for you , with better healing and less discomfort afterwards.

We can also use the Wand to deliver anaesthetic more comfortably, and also allows us to use new anaesthetic techniques in some situations which mean that you will not be as numb afterwards.

However technology is just one part of the equation, because we work with anxious patients a lot more then other practices, we have developed systems to help make the dental experience as pleasant as possible.This is not just good for our anxious patients but for all our patients because no one wants to be unnecessarily uncomfortable, in most cases its just a question of giving things a bit longer.

We have expertise in medical hypnosis that can help you overcome your dental anxiety and control your own fear of the dentist using simple techniques that we guide you and teach you to perform.

We tailor our treatment to your needs and particular worries. Read what some of our patient say about our expertise in treating anxious patients.

Its time to take the first step! We know its difficult but you can do it and we can help you!

Contact us now for a free no obligation chat, it will allow you to meet us and feel more at ease knowing its only a chat.

Our patients tell us it helps them relax much more when they do come in for their first new patient consultation.