Advanced Gum disease treatment using the Waterlase

At Hello dental Colchester we have a particular interest and expertise in treating gum disease. We have taken the most up to date research available on gum disease, together with international guidelines on treatment and applied our advanced laser technology to get excellent results and stabilisation of gum disease… most importantly this is done much more comfortably then conventional treatments alone.


Exclusive Laser assisted deep pocket Therapy means more comfort, less damage, less discomfort and better results then conventional gum disease therapy

The biggest problem with gum disease is that it is a “silent” disease. Often it gives little in the way of symptoms at an early stage when the disease is progressing rapidly. By carrying out a simple 10 second screen we can tell you if you have gum disease and how bad it is.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection that gradually causes the bone and supporting structure around your teeth to be lost. As the foundation is lost it can eventually lead to loss of the tooth if untreated. The sooner this process is halted the better it is for the survival of the teeth.

Various risk factors allow the bacteria to get a hold and mean some people get gum disease worse

    • Smoking is very strongly linked with gum disease. The toxins in cigarette smoke together with nicotine prevent the body effectively fighting off the bacteria that cause gum disease.

    • Genetics, in about 30% of the population there are various genetic factors that cause the gum disease to progress more rapidly. In some people the genetic predisposition is so strong that the gum disease is very aggressive and needs specialist management.

    • Plaque and bacteria are the primary cause and controlling this with a thorough home care routine is paramount for healing and future stability of the disease. Our hygienists work with you under prescription from your dentist to ensure we find the most effective regime that you integrate into your daily routine

    • Diabetics especially if your diabetes is uncontrolled  can have an impact.

    • Stress and the hormones released when we are stressed can cause gum disease to progress more rapidly and not heal as well.
    • Teeth clenching and grinding or if a tooth is overloaded when chewing because it has lost a neighbouring tooth or has tilted or moved out of position can cause particular problems for individual teeth and lead to rapid loss if they are not addressed.

If you are concerned about your gum disease please contact us for a free no obligation chat.

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