Keeping your teeth clean throughout your Braces treatment at Hello Dental

Now that you have started your teeth straightening at Hello dental, whether it is Fastbraces or Clear Correct invisible braces it is important to know exactly how to keep your teeth clean throughout the treatment process. It is more difficult to keep the teeth clean during orthodontic treatment as there is more in the mouth for the plaque to stick to. Not cleaning well enough can result in staining, gum disease or even tooth decay. So here are some tips for keeping on top of your cleaning:

Tooth brushing

Rather than your usual twice a day it is often better to brush at least three times a day as you will find more food traps around the braces than usual. This is likely to take around 3 minutes rather than 2 as there is more to clean. Always use a fluoride toothpaste and spit it out once you have finished brushing but don’t rinse the toothpaste away with water or mouthwash.

Cleaning between the teeth

If you have braces that are fixed to the teeth you probably can’t get floss in between them anymore, this is when interdental brushes or Superfloss should be used, your Hygienist or Dentist can show you the correct size for you and the technique to use, you can also use larger interdental brushes to clean between the brackets.


Mouthwash is good to use if you can use it at a separate time to toothbrushing. If the mouthwash contains fluoride it will provide the teeth with extra protection against tooth decay. Remember that toothpaste contains far more fluoride than mouthwash so don’t rinse your toothpaste away!

Regular dental visits

Regular visits to a Hygienist will keep your teeth clean during treatment, you will also get tailored advice on how to look after your teeth at home. You will also still need to see your Dentist as regularly as they recommend checking that everything is healthy.