Four common dental problems associated with wearing braces in Colchester and what to do about them

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Having to wear fixed teeth straightening devices requires patients to make adjustments in their lifestyles. These adjustments include adding extra time to the mouth cleaning routine and avoiding favourite foods, if these pose a challenge to eat (chewy, hard and crunchy foods). Not adjusting properly to these changes can result in patients experiencing problems and developing various dental conditions. These conditions can be avoided. Patients experiencing problems with wearing braces in Colchester are urged to contact our orthodontists at Hello Dental to discuss their issues.

  1. Greater risk of gum disease

Patients wearing teeth-straightening devices are more prone to develop gum disease if they fail to take good care of their oral health as instructed by the orthodontist. The main reason for this is that by not thoroughly cleaning teeth, gums, tongue and the wires and brackets that make up the fixed teeth straightening device, bacteria is allowed to build-up across the gum line, leading to gum disease. Symptoms of the condition include: inflammation, bleeding, and in an advanced condition, receding gums. Gum disease places the patient at risk of tooth decay and the quality of bone structure deteriorating –  resulting in tooth loss. Gum disease is preventable. When having the teeth straightening device fitted, patients should ensure they have the orthodontist show them the correct way to keep gums clean. Patients who have developed symptoms of gum disease due to wearing braces in Colchester should make an appointment with a dentist for further treatment.

2. The increased risk of cavities

Again, not taking care to keep teeth scrupulously clean, patients are at a greater risk of cavities forming in teeth. Food particles can become trapped in the spaces between wires and brackets that make up teeth straightening devices, allowing bacteria to grow. Fortunately there are ways patients can continue to wear their teeth correcting instruments and keep them clean. There are special dental tools available to clean brackets and regular professional teeth cleaning carried out by a trained dentist is highly recommended.

3. Stained teeth

Food and beverages are the most common causes of teeth becoming discoloured if not given a thorough cleaning. When brackets are removed after some time, there will be a noticeable difference in the colour of teeth where the brackets were positioned and the rest of the tooth. Professional teeth whitening can effectively whiten teeth after the removal of the teeth correcting device.

4. Bad breath

Another very common problem many patients experience with wearing teeth straightening devices is bad breath. This condition mainly arises due to poor dental hygiene. Other reasons can include the foods a patient eats and the development of an infection. Patients who are under orthodontic treatment should be especially careful with oral hygiene and have teeth professionally cleaned regularly.

Orthodontic treatments offer a high success rate and many patients achieve desired results without experiencing any major problems. Patients are required to follow all instructions regarding diet, care for orthodontic devices and the recommended oral hygiene routine. Let us at Hello Dental help you keep on track with your dental treatments.