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Braces in Colchester, the way to a selfie smile

There was a time when it was only children who had wires, blocks and elastic bands around their teeth. That has all changed now with the advent of smartphone cameras and social media. Anyone who can operate a smartphone wants to be able to produce that picture-perfect smile. Sending pictures with celebrities to friends and family has become part and parcel of our lives and it's best to be prepared if and when the opportunity arrives. So it's fair to say that having a good set of straight white teeth has become an important physical asset for us.

How can the dentist improve a smile

The different appliances used by dentists to correct irregularities of the teeth are referred to as braces and aligners. Braces in Colchester use the latest advances in technology, systems and materials to help patients to achieve the look and smile that they want. The initial task for our dentist is to conduct a thorough oral examination of your teeth to be able to decide on what the best treatment is to recommend for you. This treatment is not only about the aesthetics of having a great smile, there is a more practical side to it.

What conditions can the dentist treat

Hello Dental will always recommend that children should be brought into the dental surgery from a very early age to get used to the surroundings, people and equipment. It is also at this stage that we can identify problems that may occur later and act early to prevent further complications. This also allows our dentist to advise you on the correct dental care, so as to instil a dental regime which will become routine. The general sort of problem that can be treated by using braces in Colchester are crooked or gapped teeth. Your bite is crucial and crowded teeth, overbites and underbites also all require realigning to ensure that a patient is able to chew properly. It is also possible for a dentist to prescribe this kind of treatment in a young patient who may be suffering from a jaw growth disorder, thereby avoiding dental surgery at a later date.

How does the treatment work?

After a proper assessment we will discuss the appropriate treatment to correct your condition, the treatment prescribed is dictated by the particular patient involved, as no two people are exactly the same. By applying the correct amount of pressure, your teeth are gradually guided, over a period of time so that they all line up correctly.

What treatments are available?

Science and modern technology have made enormous strides in the dental industry and we now have an array of treatments to suit your needs. Conventional metal braces in Colchester with their wires, bands and spacers are still widely used, mainly to help children straighten their teeth. In addition, self-ligating metal braces using a lock system instead of elastics and wire are smaller and more comfortable. We also use conventional ceramic braces in much the same way as conventional metal braces, but they are less visible due to their colour which is naturally closer to your tooth colour. Adults tend to prefer these to conventional metal; they do however require you to take extra care as they can be brittle. Lingual metal braces are also more favoured by adults as they are placed on the inside of your teeth and as a result are not visible.

The latest innovation are aligners which work differently to achieve the same results. Aligners are made from a transparent and hygienic dental material and do not require any wires or elastics to stay in place. They comprise a series of carefully computer calibrated trays which we fit over your teeth like a gumshield. Each tray is worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced by another slightly differently alignment tray and so on until the final tray which heralds the end of the treatment. They need to be worn for a minimum of twenty hours a day over each two week period. You can remove them to eat and drink and also to allow for cleaning, brushing and flossing. During the treatment we may suggest to you that a tray should be worn for a slightly longer period to achieve the desired results.