General Dentistry

General Dentistry at Hello Dental Colchester

If you are looking for a high quality private dentist in Colchester that has a broad range of expertise try Hello Dental on the Colchester business Park.

We are also happy to look after patients who would like us to carry out something specific for them. A lot of patient’s come to us for one-off treatments such as braces, veneers, composite bonding, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, laser gum disease treatment and premium dentures.

Even though we are a general dentist our expertise and technology means we can tackle a whole host of more complex dental problems. This means as a patient you are much less likely to be referred for treatment outside the practice.

Our focus on long lasting solutions and preventative dentistry means that our dental check-ups are more thorough and we take the time to get to know you and your needs so that we can recommend the correct treatments for you.

Our treatments tab above covers some of the treatments we carry out.

If you would like a free no obligation chat on any problems you have that you would like some advice on please feel free to call us on 01206 589777.

Some other treatments we carry out are:

Laser assisted Root Canal treatment in Colchester

Our gentle pain-free approach to root canal therapy means what has a reputation for being an unpleasant procedure is carried out routinely and with great success.

Root canals are carried out on teeth whose nerve is dead or dying either due to infection or an accident or trauma to teeth. It will often cause an abcess under a tooth and severe pain and swelling.

Once we have managed the initial pain usually with draining the pressure which causes the pain (which gives immediate relief) and antibiotics if needed, we treat the infection itself. We can also use our cold laser therapy to accelerate healing and give pain relief.

The treatment should be completely comfortable (see our patient’s experiences below), we fully numb the tooth and isolate it from your mouth so you can almost switch off… (Most people watch the TV on the roof while lying back in the chair… some people fall asleep!).

The treatment is carried out with specialised instruments and our exclusive Waterlase laser technology to kill bacteria and rinse out any infected tissue.

As the only practice using the Waterlase laser for root canal therapy in Essex and Suffolk the level to which we can clean even curved canals is much more thorough than ever before.

The laser energy activates water to cause a pulsing action within the canals called photon induced photo-acoustic streaming. This has been shown to penetrate areas of the canal conventional instruments alone cannot reach and very thoroughly flush out and kill bacteria causing the infection.

Using the laser with specialised Nickel Titanium instruments helps us prepare even curved roots with a greater degree of confidence which means that as a patient the treatment is more likely to be successful and we are able to save the tooth.

Also all our root canal treatment is carried out under magnification supplemented by high magnification cameras. This means we are much more likely to preserve as much tooth as possible, cause less damage meaning more comfort for you and a successful result.

"I have had a fear of the dentist my whole life. I have recently had root canal treatment with Neel and can honestly say “it was a piece of cake”. He explained everything, was so patient with me and best of all, there was absolutely no pain during or after! All of the staff I have met are brilliant and very understanding. I would recommend Neel and his team to everyone and I can’t thank them all enough."

- GS -