Here is a small selection of work carried out by Dr. Neel Sanghavi.

The end result you see is arrived at with the patient’s input and often some compromises will have been made to avoid surgery, braces, cutting down a tooth too much, shorten treatment time, reduce financial cost etc.

Case 1

Patient did not like: Small front teeth, chipped worn teeth and bleeding gums

Solution: Gum disease treatment, No-prep porcelain veneers and composite bonding

Case 2

Pt did not like: Upper Rough and stained teeth, Crooked and overlapped teeth.

Solution: Smile makeover with no prep and minimal prep veneers (Lumineers)

What I would do differently now… Gum level on upper right crown was left low as the patient did not want the surgery. Nowadays with the Waterlase this surgery is minimally invasive with no cuts or stitches and we probably would not have had to compromise on the gum! We also probably would have used Fastbraces for 3 months to get the teeth straighter and not prepare any of the teeth very much.