Going for braces in Colchester

For a long time, braces have been a great option for those suffering with crowded teeth, an overbite, under bite, cross bite and open bite. Today, there is a wide range of solutions for straightening your teeth and fixing problematic bites. Here at Hello Dental, we use the latest systems, to maximise the efficiency of your treatment.

Braces-ColchesterSome people may feel uneasy about going for braces in Colchester. The notion of having foreign metal in your mouth can seem quite invasive. However, it’s important to discuss these fears with your dentist, who can help you feel at ease and inform you on the many benefits braces can bring.

Bountiful benefits

The most notable benefit, to others at least, is the appearance of your teeth. Having straight teeth can play a key role in boosting your self-esteem. You may be surprised at how much more comfortable you feel smiling and talking in social situations.

Besides this, you may notice subtle, but significant changes in your day to day activities. Straight teeth can improve your ability to eat, and even speak, as disproportionate teeth can make the pronunciation of some words quite difficult.

One of the main reasons dentists encourage braces for those who need them is to help prevent gum disease. Misaligned teeth are generally harder to clean and floss, resulting in poor dental hygiene and the potential build-up of plaque and tartar. Straight teeth help to maximise fresh breath and minimise the risk of cavities. In the long run, this reduces the likelihood of needing treatments to restore deteriorating teeth.

A speedy solution to straight teeth

If you chose to receive braces in Colchester at Hello Dental, you could be looking at having straight teeth within 3-12 months. We offer Fast braces, a system that works quickly, without compromising efficiency.

They are made from triangular brackets with a square wire to move the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time. As with all braces, they require a retainer, to stop the teeth from moving about after alignment.

As an alternative to braces, we also straighten the teeth with Clear Correct removable aligners. Your dentist will be able to advise the best solution for you.

Wonky teeth but don’t want braces in Colchester?

The trouble with braces that have brackets and wires is that they don’t come out. They are cemented onto your teeth and are there for months. You may have to adjust your diet to make it easier to keep them clean. You may find yourself spending ages after each meal fiddling around with dental floss and interdental brushes trying to remove food stuck behind the wires. You may find yourself having to deal with invasive questions when you are at work, or out having fun. All of these are reasons why you may have wonky teeth but can’t face braces in Colchester.

If that’s the case, then you need to know about ClearCorrect clear aligners available from us at Hello Dental.

Braces in ColchesterWhat is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect clear aligners do the same job as traditional bracket and wire braces in Colchester, but use devices that look like clear plastic mouth guards instead.

We take detailed measurements of how your teeth are now and calculate how they need to move to become properly aligned. We send this information off to ClearCorrect and they make a series of aligners. You wear each one in the series for a period of time. Usually, each aligner starts off feeling somewhat uncomfortable, like it doesn’t quite fit, as pressure from the aligner activates a bone removal and rebuilding process that allows your teeth to move in your jawbone. When the pressure wears off, and this happens more quickly in kids than in adults, then it’s time to move onto the next aligner in the series.

Great things about ClearCorrect

Two big pluses about ClearCorrect are that they are pretty much unnoticeable once they are in place over your teeth, as the plastic is so thin. So, you can go about your daily business without having to fend off unwanted questions and suffer stares from strangers. Also, because the aligners are removable, you can continue to eat whatever you like and won’t have to spend ages cleaning your teeth, although you do need to clean them every time you eat or drink anything other than plain water, or the plastic will stain.

You can still get braces in Colchester

Even if you missed out on braces as a child – maybe your misalignments weren’t severe enough to qualify you for NHS treatment – you can still get braces in Colchester as an adult. In fact, braces can work no matter what your age, so even if you have been living unhappily with your wonky teeth for decades, we can straighten them for you at Hello Dental.

Braces in ColchesterNot just vanity

Many of us have a strange relationship with looking good. We want to look our best but at the same time have a sneaking suspicion that by spending money on our looks we will be accused of being vain. Vanity, back in the day, was a deadly sin, and that mean a trip to somewhere hot and firey after you die. But, in reality, looking good can do wonders for your confidence levels, and this is especially true when it comes to your smile.

Your smile plays an all-important role in your ability to communicate. It is the thing that everyone sees when they meet you for the first time, even before you say hello, and it can continue to engage people’s warmth and willingness to be a friend to you in a way that words can never do. So, if your misaligned teeth have got you smiling with closed lips, or hiding your smile behind your hand, then you are missing out on all that extra warmth and generosity that is a hard-wired response to a big, friendly, genuine smile.

Easier to clean

Teeth that are well aligned are also easier to keep clean, and this means that you are less likely to suffer from decay and gum disease with straight teeth. Having braces in Colchester can help you hang onto your teeth in the long-term, as long as you follow a good oral care routine.

Our braces in Colchester

We offer bracket and wire braces from Fastbraces. These work faster because they work on the root as well as the crown right from the beginning of treatment, using just one wire, which means they are more discreet than traditional bracket and wire braces.

We also offer clear aligners from ClearCorrect.

The science behind braces in Colchester

As you look in the mirror at your wonky teeth, do you think that because you are an adult you can no longer get them straightened? Teeth get set into the jaw and can’t be moved, right? Well, no, wrong, actually. Teeth are not exactly set into the jaw and they can be moved, no matter how old you are, with braces in Colchester.

Your teeth are secured into sockets in your jawbone by the bone, which is packed tightly around them and thousands of tiny fibres. They are separate from the bone, and that’s why they can wobble around and fall out. Moving teeth is simply a matter of using sustained pressure to change the bone around the teeth. Braces in Colchester here at Hello Dental provide that pressure.

Braces in ColchesterThe physiology of teeth straightening

When we apply even pressure for more than 72 hours to your teeth, the bone in your jaw responds to get rid of the pressure. It does this by dissolving the bone cells in front of the direction of the pressure, to ease it, and by simultaneously building new bone behind the direction of the pressure, to stop the tooth from becoming wobbly. It’s very clever, but it does require pretty much constant pressure for it to work. And bone can only dissolve and rebuild itself so fast, and that’s why teeth straightening takes time.

That said, modern braces tend to take quite a bit less time than the old-fashioned treatments. These could take two or three years because they were also realigning the jaws, in teenagers usually.

Modern braces for adults do not even bother with jaw realignment, which cannot be done after about age 18 as the bones have set hard. Instead, they focus on realigning wonky teeth, so treatment with braces such as Fastbraces can be completed in 3-12 months, depending on the alignment issues.

There are also clear aligners, we use ClearCorrect, for some misalignment issues. These can be removed for eating and cleaning teeth but must be in situ for 20-22 hours a day to keep up that constant pressure we referred to above.

Come out from behind your lips

Is your smiling hidden away behind closed lips? If so, and it’s because you think your teeth are too wonky to be shown the light of day, then you doing yourself a disservice. Having a great smile has important knock-on effects that are not to do with vanity. Being able to smile a knock-out smile has a subconscious effect on other people that makes them warm to you and want to help you. Your smile makes others feel good and, in return, they usually want to make you feel good too by getting closer to you and being generous with you. In short, your smile is your first port of call in the world of non-verbal communication and you need to be able to use it as often as you can. If you aren’t happy with your smile, we can help you with braces in Colchester, that’s why we are called Hello Dental.

Braces in ColchesterNow, you may think that having braces is too much effort and takes too long to get results, but, if you don’t have issues with the alignment of your bite, treatment with braces in Colchester can take as little as three months. Most adults don’t have issues with how their jaws line up because this problem is treated on the NHS and must be done before the jawbones set hard at around age 18. The NHS does not have the funds to align teeth that are only mildly to moderately wonky, so there are lots of adults out there who need braces.

You don’t often see any adults wearing braces in Colchester, not because they are not doing so, but because modern braces are often so discreet that they don’t catch the eye in the way the braces of the 1970s and 80s did, when they were so big and clunky that they were impossible to miss.

At Hello Dental, we offer two brands of braces that can align your teeth in 3-12 months. Fastbraces is the only system that guarantees straight teeth for life. ClearCorrect is a clear aligner system that is a great alternative to fixed braces.

Bracing new treatment

If the thought of spending a couple of years with a mouth full of metal was the only thing holding you back from getting those pearly whites perfectly straight then there is no reason to hold back any more. An innovative design has been created that is not only fast, but discreet. Braces technologies have advanced to new highs and in Colchester, braces are definitely on the rise. Not that you would be able to tell at first glance. Here at Hello Dental in Colchester, braces can turn your life around.

Braces in ColchesterWhat are braces

Braces in Colchester are designed with the sole purpose of straightening your teeth. They can come in many forms, from braces that are fixed to the wearer’s teeth, to aligners that can be removable. Whatever type of brace you opt for, the overall outcome for you will be straighter teeth. Straightening teeth is not only done for aesthetic reasons, straighter teeth can mean a healthier mouth.

There are two advanced brace systems we use at Hello Dental, Fastbrace and ClearCorrect.

Fastbrace is a technique that has revolutionised the braces system. Imagine you wanted straight teeth for Christmas. Well, depending on the initial alignment of your teeth, it could be possible for your Christmas wish to come true. We can offer you a brace system that can straighten teeth in 3-12 months. This is a fantastic technique that moves the entire tooth, crown and root, at the same time, thus cutting the treatment time in half. Small metal triangle brackets are attached to the teeth, with a delicate wire attaching them. This means it may not be as discreet as the next brace system but it is certainly the quickest.

ClearCorrect is a series of aligners that are usually remain unnoticed by anyone who is not aware they are being worn. They are made up of a clear plastic and slip snugly over the wearer’s teeth. They apply a gentle pressure that moves the teeth into the correct position. They are removable, which makes them more desirable but for the best and quickest results, they are recommended to be worn as often as possible. These braces are more popular with those who want more discretion.

Braces for grown-ups

There are many different kinds of braces: you are probably familiar with the ‘train track’ ones, worn mostly by teenagers. As an adult, wearing a mouth full of metal for up to two years is pretty much a no-no, especially if you work in a public-facing job such as teaching, sales or politics.

Luckily, there are other options when it comes to braces in Colchester. At Hello Dental, we offer two kinds of brace systems for cosmetic adjustments. These are ideal for adults as they work more quickly and discreetly than traditional braces in Colchester.

Braces in ColchesterFastbraces

These remarkable braces can be effective in just nine weeks, although treatment can take up to a year, depending on the severity of your misalignment. They use brackets and wires, as standard metal braces do, but instead of moving the crown then the root, they move both at the same time, which is why they can do the job so much faster.

Fastbraces use a triangular bracket and square-shaped wire. This is what gives them the ability to work so quickly. They also use low-friction forces and so are more comfortable and easier to wear than regular braces.

Because they work more quickly, treatment is also cheaper, because you need fewer appointments to see your dentist for adjustments.

Clear Correct

These transparent plastic aligners are popular with adult patients because they are so discreet. Made up of see-through trays, unless someone is really close up and examining your teeth, they can’t be seen.

Another benefit is that they are removable, so you take them out for eating and cleaning, though they do need to be worn for 22 hours a day to do their work. It does make them easy to maintain though and there’s no chance of stray bits of food getting caught and causing decay.

Treatment takes from a few months to a few years, depending on the level of misalignment you have.

Visit us today

Not sure if these braces in Colchester are for you? Why not give us a call, email or drop into our surgery today? We offer a free consultation, so you can find out which braces in Colchester are right for you.

Get a straighter, healthier smile for summer

As the nights grow longer and the air begins to warm, thoughts of sunny summer days start to enter our minds. Long summer days are a time to smile and laugh with abandon. But wait! What about your wonky teeth?

If your smile is less than perfect, you may not feel confident to show a broad grin. As an adult, you may think that the time has passed for teeth straightening, but that isn’t necessarily true.

To make the most of those heady summer days, start off with a spring clean for your teeth and find out if one of our modern braces systems at Hello Dental is for you.

Braces in ColchesterModern and discreet

The braces in Colchester that we offer are Fastbraces and Clear Correct.

Fastbraces work in just 3-12 months. They adjust the root and crown at the same time, which is why they work more quickly than traditional metal braces in Colchester.

Clear Correct transparent aligners are discreet and removable, making them ideal for adults. The plastic trays fit over the teeth and gums like mouth guards and are taken out for eating and cleaning, so they are very easy to maintain. And best of all, no one will know you are wearing them.

Healthier teeth

Getting braces in Colchester is not just about cosmetics. Without those wonky crevices to build-up in, the bacteria that cause tooth decay are less likely to get a hold. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean, meaning it’s more likely that you’ll hold onto them for longer.

A cocktail of happiness

As well as the dental benefits, having a smile you feel proud of gives a lift to your wellbeing. When we smile, we release a cascade of happy chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. This cocktail of happiness helps our muscles to relax and boosts our immune system.

Having a great smile also helps our relationships. When we see others smile, we can’t help but respond with a smile and this creates a feeling of friendliness and rapport. And when we feel able to smile and laugh freely, we feel more confident, more at ease with ourselves and so are more likely to attract positive experiences into our lives.

The benefits of braces in Colchester

We’ve all seen traditional braces in action – the conspicuous metal train tracks most often sported by teenagers. While it may be obvious to all that a patient is wearing this type of braces, do we know why and what’s going on beneath the surface?

As well as the aesthetic benefits, teeth straightening is good for oral health: it helps make biting, chewing and cleaning between the teeth easier. Untreated, misaligned teeth can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, tooth and tooth enamel loss, jaw problems and can also affect speech.

And you may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to get all these benefits from clear braces in Colchester – no one need know you are having treatment.

Braces in ColchesterWhy get braces?

At Hello Dental, we use braces to correct crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth.

There are many reasons why you may need to wear braces in Colchester. Teeth can just grow out of alignment – genetics plays a big part in this. Your mouth can be too small to fit all your teeth and diet can also contribute.

What are the options?

It is worth researching the different types of treatment on offer. Braces in Colchester have advanced significantly in the last 25 years and there is a range of options available. At Hello Dental, we offer two systems: Fastbraces and Smilealign.

Fastbraces can straighten teeth in as little as three months – though treatment may take a year or more, depending on the severity of your case. It is a bracket and wire system, such as those used by traditional braces, but because it uses an elbow-shaped bracket rather than a square one, it can move the tooth root and crown at the same time, hence the quicker treatment times.

Smilealign is a different kind of braces system altogether. There are no brackets and wires – Smilealign uses pairs of clear aligner trays (like thin mouth guards) to nudge the teeth into position. They are custom-made for each patient and 3D-printed to ensure pin point accuracy.

After the teeth have moved to their new position, you will need to wear a retainer for up to a year to make sure they don’t drift back to their old state.

Straighten your teeth discreetly with invisible braces in Colchester

Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth, but you are discouraged by the mere thought of having to wear metal brackets and wires? You are not alone. As a matter of fact, many adults are abandoning the idea of teeth straightening because they think that metal braces are their only option. Luckily, this is not the case. Modern dentistry has advanced considerably and now patients can have their teeth straightened discreetly.

Braces in ColchesterAt Hello Dental, we appreciate that our adult patients are reluctant to have their teeth straightened with metal brackets and wires and for this reason, we offer Smilelign, a revolutionary technique that uses clear aligners to move your teeth into their correct position. Smilelign braces in Colchester are barely visible, very comfortable and can even reduce treatment time by several months.

How do these braces work?

The first step in seeking treatment with Smilelign is to make an appointment with our dentist at Hello Dental. They will sit down with you and go over the specifics of the treatment, as well as use a special scanning system to determine whether you qualify for the treatment plan. If you are a good candidate for Smilelign braces in Colchester, we will devise a detailed treatment plan that will include the use of aligners that will slowly and gradually move your teeth to their optimal location in your mouth.

The digital scans of your teeth will be used in order to create the custom-made aligners that will help straighten your teeth. Smilelign uses a series of aligners, each of which is used for a specific period of time before moving to the next one in the series. The exact number of aligners needed will vary depending on how much your teeth need to move. In some situations, you may only require a few sets, while other people may need to go through the treatment process for longer.

Who is a good candidate for Smilelign?

As a general rule, patients who can have regular braces can also opt for Smilelign aligners. These aligners are ideal for treating moderately crooked, gapped and crowded teeth, as well as overbites, underbites and crossbites. However, they are not suitable for more complex dental problems.